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Which is the best episode of Maharana Pratap?

Which is the best episode of Maharana Pratap?

Ep 193 – Maharana Pratap: All are extremely happy and excited about Chakrapani and Swabhagyawati’s wedding. Ajabde is shocked as her Mother Hansa questions A… Ep 193 – Maharana Pratap: All are extremely happy and excited about Chakrapani and Swabhagyawati’s wedding.

What was the real story of Phool Pratap Ajabde?

And it was untimely only and ofcourse it was a shock for Pratap to loose his one and only love. After that he was engaged more in Rajpath rather than concentrating on Phool. And his leasure time he spent with his most beloved son Amar Singh and with his mother Jaywanta Bai.

How did Phool Kanwar Rathore become a Rani?

She will always remain a Rani. Even the hereditary laws stated that only the eldest son from dharmapatni, the dharmaputra, would inherit the throne. Only if he is incompetent or handicapped or dead, does the next eldest son step in. ( 2 ) Secondly , Phool Kanwar Rathore was not so much beautiful as written , nobody was dying to marry her.

Which is the most beautiful wife of Pratap?

Never u can find her calling as Beautiful. In contrast of that in every site , books and scripts ( historical ) Ajabde ( the first wife and the most beloved wife of Pratap ) was ” eternally beautiful” and in one or two sites u can find her picture which shows that how much she was beautiful.


Ep 268 – Maharana Pratap – On the other hand everyone is happy and starts to prepare about Ajabde and Pratap’s ceremony. On the other hand Akbar changes his plan and leaves Behram khan free. Hansabai goes to pandit to make Ajabde’s new kundli. Hamida thanks Rukaiya for saving Behram khan’s life.

How did Maharana Pratap and his family survive?

Maharana Pratap and his family had to live in the forest for a long time and they survived on chapattis made of grass. One day a wild cat snatched a grass roti from the hands of Maharana’s daughter, it was then he decided to surrender before Akbar.

Where is the statue of Maharana Pratap located?

A historic site dedicated to Maharana Pratap, Maharana Pratap Memorial, is situated at the top of Moti Magri, Pearl Hill in Udaipur. It was built by Maharana Bhagwat Singh Mewar and showcases a life-sized bronze statue of the gallant warrior riding his horse ‘Chetak.’

What was the weight of Maharana Pratap’s spear?

Interesting Facts about Maharana Pratap. Maharana Pratap was seven feet and five inches tall and weighed 110 kgs. The weight of the armour of his chest was 72 kgs and his spear weighed 81 kgs.