What does promotional use only mean?

What does promotional use only mean?

Save. Copy. Promotional Use means for demonstration and marketing purposes by a Party to a prospective customer, but not for resale or distribution to an entity not a Party.

Why does my vinyl say for promotional use only?

Just means it was sent out to radio stations to promote the record via airplay.

Are promotional vinyl records worth money?

Promos can often be worth a lot more than those sold in stores. They are rarely worth any less. Promo records can often be found at yard sales and thrift stores as many radio stations gave them away at live broadcasts or in contests.

What is a promotional use vinyl?

In short, it refers to a special pressing of a record that was manufactured specifically for radio station or other promotional (non-retail) use. Early in the days of radio, disk jockeys would play whatever they felt like playing, without any input from the record companies.

What is a promotional single?

A promotional single (digital single in South Korea) is a single that is made available to radio stations, nightclubs, music publications, and other media outlets by a record label to promote a commercial single or album.

What promotional purposes mean?

Promotional Purposes means use of the Unique Names, or part of them, for the primary purpose of advertising, marketing or promoting any good or service, including, without limitation, advertising delivery, measurement and targeting, profiling of audiences, lead generation, cooperative marketing programs, list rental …

Are demo CDs worth anything?

Some rare demo records can be worth a good amount of money but normally demo and promo records are worth the same or less than a normal record. If you happen to come across a demo/promo at a thrift store or yard sale, more than likely it won’t be worth much of anything.

Are demo albums worth anything?

What is the difference between a promotional single and a single?

Traditionally, promotional singles and official singles have fundamental differences i.e. promotional singles are distributed for free, while singles are distributed commercially.

Can you sell promo records?

It is legal to sell and buy promotional copies of records, CDs and other physical media even if they are stamped with “loaned for promotional use only” or similar statements.

Can you sell promo CDs?

Court Rules That Selling Promo CDs Is Perfectly Legal.