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6 Reasons Why is it Important to Wear Compression Garments After Liposuction?

After liposuction surgery, every patient waits for their desired results to come out as soon as possible since liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that ensures you get rid of unwanted fat and provides you with the results you want.

However, liposuction alone wouldn’t give you what you want since after the surgery there is an important stage called recovery. In the recovery, your doctor will tell you, what to do to get better results, and one of those things is regularly wearing compression garments.

Compression garments are a type of clothes that gives pressure on your body and helps you get better results but many people tend to avoid them since they are a little tight and they think it’s not necessary to wear them, but this is where they go wrong.

Did you have liposuction surgery recently or going to have one? If so then here’s why you shouldn’t avoid compression garments since they are really important for your recovery!

What are Compression Garments?

Compression garments are a type of clothes that fits tightly on your body. They are made of clothes and elastic fabric which allows them to apply constant pressure on the treated areas. There are different types of garments depending on the type of surgery you will so you don’t have to worry that you won’t find the perfect garment for your surgery region.

Many liposuction patients do not know that they will need compression garments after the surgery which is why it is important to know about them. However, even if you don’t know about them your doctor will provide you with some of them after the treatment, you can consult one on pricingliposuction.

Why is it Important to Wear Them?

A large number of liposuction patients don’t like compression garments and its only reason is that they apply pressure. They may not like the pressure but it’s important to wear them, here’s are some reasons why you shouldn’t avoid them:

  1. Improves Blood Circulation

During the surgery, your surgeon will have to make some incisions on the treatment area so that they can remove the unwanted fat but during this process, unfortunately, some of your tissues will be damaged which can later lead to dangerous situations like blood clots or bleeding if not cared for properly.

However, if you wear compression clothes you don’t have to deal with these kind of situations as they provide pressure that will help you to keep your incisions closed.

It will improve your blood situation as well which will help your body to recover faster!

  1. Comfort

After any kind of surgery, you will obviously feel pain and liposuction isn’t an exception!

You may feel pain, inflammation, and discomfort on the treated area even while you are doing regular tasks and it’s normal to feel while laughing or sneezing as well.

Indeed, compression garments can’t get rid of the pain but they highly reduce it and make it easier to move and do at least normal tasks. Since the pressure provided by compression clothes is the best way to ease pain during liposuction recovery.

  1. Reduced Swelling

After your treatment, there are some chances of liquid build-up in the treated area. This liquid is called Seroma which can cause you swelling. It happens because the treated area isn’t compressed after the surgery.

But wearing compression garments can prevent swelling as its pressure will eliminate the fluid.

Additionally, if you avoid compression garments you may need to deal with the swelling longer and the Seroma can be annoying as it increases your weight.

  1. Decreased Bruising

Compression garments can help prevent bruising after any type of plastic surgery. Blood vessels are disrupted during surgical procedures, resulting in bruising surrounding the operative site. By stopping blood cells from moving towards the skin, post-operative clothes significantly reduce bruising.

So after make sure to not avoid compression garments if you don’t want your skin to look unpleasant.

Lastly, just like swelling, your bruising will disappear quickly if you use compression garments.

  1. Speeds Up Recovery Process

If you want to speed up your recovery process, your doctor will recommend you avoid things like smoking and alcohol and adopt a new diet.

But the most important thing they will recommend is compression garments, as they will speed up your recovery by eliminating many difficulties like swelling and healing incisions.

Improves Liposuction Results

Last but not least, Wearing a compression garment can help you obtain better liposuction outcomes by improving the contour of the treatment region. The garment’s support aids your body’s adaptation to its new streamlined shape and decreases the chance of your skin becoming slack or wrinkled.

This can result in liposuction that is smoother, tighter, and more appealing. After a body contouring treatment, several patients find that wearing a compression garment improves their posture and allows for easier movement.

If you avoid compression garments you may not get your desired results which can make liposuction almost useless for you, keep in mind to wear them for the best results.

How Long Do I Wear it?

After plastic surgery, your surgeons typically prescribe a variety of compression garments. And because each set serves a particular purpose, the patient must wear them as directed. The length of time you must wear the garment is determined on the type of surgery, your body type, and your individual healing rate.

You don’t have to wear them for a long duration if you follow the right recovery tips, but generally you should wear them for at least two to six weeks. It may sound a lot of time but when are in recovery stage your incisions will take longer than this to heal.


Liposuction will provide you with your desired results at all costs if you are willing to wear compression. They may be a little tight but it’s only for your good, also they will reduce your swelling, pain and improve your results too. You may need to wear them for a while but once your recovery process ends you will know why they are worth wearing.