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Where is the paint code on a Mercedes C-Class?

Where is the paint code on a Mercedes C-Class?

As with most car manufacturers Mercedes paint codes can be found in several locations. The most popular location is on a black sticker / plate which is found on the bottom of the door pillar / B Post (inside drivers door shut).

Which colour is best for C-class?

Red. Hyacinth Red is one of the brighter options available for the C-Class and is one of its Designo exclusive shades. Ferrari may refer to the colour as “resale red”, but for executive cars like this (in fact anything bar Ferraris really) it’ll likely suffer from lower residuals than silvers or whites.

What Colours are available in Mercedes?

Exterior Colors

  • Polar White.
  • Night Black.
  • Digital White.
  • Cosmos Black.
  • Iridium Silver.
  • Mountain Grey.
  • Mojave Silver.
  • Denim Blue.

Where do I find my Mercedes color code?

The Mercedes manufacturers tag is typically white, black, or silver and has a barcode running along the entire bottom. The paint code is situated above this near the top of the tag. It may be placed next to the “PASSENGER CAR” heading.

How can I find the exact colour of my car?

If you wish to find these numbers at home, you will need to find your VIN plate. Most often though, the paint code will be found on a plate/sticker inside the driver’s door or inside the glovebox.

What is Mercedes White called?

Polar White – No-cost option You’re in luck if you want a white Mercedes A-Class, as you can pick this colour on the car without paying a penny extra.

What is the cost of Mercedes S class?

Mercedes-Benz S-Class price starts at ₹ 2.17 Crore and goes upto ₹ 2.19 Crore. The price of Diesel version for S-Class is ₹ 2.17 Crore and the price of Petrol version for S-Class is ₹ 2.19 Crore.

Is Mercedes polar white metallic?

Mercedes-Benz CLS is available in Polar White Metallic.

What colour White is a Mercedes Sprinter?

Select Your Mercedes-Benz’s Color (Step One)

Color Codes Color Description
1032, 1212, 212 Ginstergelb
1-243, 1243, 243, P03 Calcite Yellow
136, 9136 Gray White
147, 9147, P01 Arctic White

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Can VIN number tell you color of car?

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) However, the VIN does not give us your color code! It only gives us any paint formula variance in an existing color code. Make sure you have found the color code on your vehicle. For more information on paint colors, visit Choosing Paint Colors.