What does the FMF Megabomb do?

What does the FMF Megabomb do?

The Megabomb allows you to have the best of both long and short headers. You still get the better over-rev of a short header, but the added volume of the Megabomb allows your bike to still have an increase in low-end torque like that of a longer header. The sound output of race bikes is constantly being checked.

What is the difference between FMF PowerBomb and Megabomb?

The megabomb has a larger performance gain than the powerbomb, FMF claims a 3-5 HP increase, the down side is that it is only offered in Titanium so it is more expensive.

Are FMF headers titanium?

The Factory 4.1 system is FMF Racing’s premier performance exhaust system. The 4.1 system comes with the choice of the Megabomb or Powerbomb header. Both systems guarantee horsepower gains throughout the RPM range and are the lightest titanium systems available….924.99.

Make Model Year
HONDA CRF150R 07-21

What are FMF headers made of?

Constructed out of FMF’s exclusive Ti-Metal for an extreme weight savings with added durability. Designed with a unique midsection, comparable to the PowerBomb header, that provides improved power across the power range.

Does a slip on exhaust add horsepower?

Slip-on mufflers won’t improve horsepower or performance. Slip-ons are mostly for decoration and noise enhancement. Installation on some bikes may require bodywork done by a professional at a shop.

How much HP does a FMF slip on add?

It depends on your specific machine just how much of a horsepower boost you’ll get from an FMF exhaust system for your ATV. Generally speaking, for a four-stroke ATV, you’ll get anywhere from three to six additional ponies and a little more torque.

What is better FMF or Pro Circuit?

The Pro Circuit has a little more throttle to rear wheel connection down on low end, but the FMF pulls stronger through the mid range. Up on top end both seem on par with each other and of course both have less over-rev than the stock muffler.

What does a FMF pipe do?

What does the Fatty pipe do? Fatty pipes are designed to give the engine an all around power increase. We are not drastically altering the power band of the bike. This pipe will appeal to most people that are happy with the stock power band and just looking for more useable power everywhere.

Is Akrapovic better than FMF?

If you’re looking for more bottom end excitement or rpm response look towards the FMF system. If you’re looking for the lightest muffler available and want more top end/over-rev you will love the Akrapovic.

Do slip-ons make bike louder?

Slip-ons are affordable and transform the look of your exhaust system, giving you a custom look without the expense of a full custom motorcycle exhaust system. Your bike will be louder. Slip-on mufflers replace the noise dampening stock mufflers on your bike, giving you the loud rumble you love.

Which is better Hex muffler or FMF megabomb?

The power increases are real, improved torque, earlier delivery and better throttle response. Highly placed weight is reduced. The sound does not go up much at all which is excellent. At nearly $800 for the system it is pricey but for $75 more you can have a titanium header. The muffler canister will dent easier than the stock one.

How does the FMF megabomb work on a dirt bike?

The two-piece stainless steel header has FMF’s exclusive Megabomb chamber where a series of holes in the headpipe allows exhaust gas and sonic waves to escape and re-enter the main line of the standard pipe. The main advantage has been a noticeable reduction in sound output, up to 1.5 dB in some cases.

What kind of muffler does FMF Racing use?

FMF Racing”s Megabomb header and new Q4 Hex aluminum muffler show some of the science behind sound reduction and power improvements. The two-piece stainless steel header has FMF’s exclusive Megabomb chamber where a series of holes in the headpipe allows exhaust gas and sonic waves to escape and re-enter the main line of the standard pipe.

How does the FMF Q4 Hex muffler work?

FMF has also seen as much as a 3 hp gain on some bikes. The Q4 Hex is a now made from a larger aluminum canister than the previous Q4 and has machined mounts riveted into the rebuildable muffler. It uses a system of chambers and baffles as well as packing to reduce sound while still claiming to increase power over stock.