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Where are Traktor cue points stored?

Where are Traktor cue points stored?

Cue point info is saved to the database (. nml file). So if you want to keep loop, cue and grid info you’ll need to backup that.

What is snap and quantize in Traktor?

Snap ON: new cue point (or loop) is set at the nearest beatmarker when you press the cue button (or loop) Snap OFF: new cue point (or loop) is set at the exact spot where you press the cue button (or loop) Quantize ON: (existing) cue point starts playing in sync with the master track at the nearest beatmarker.

How do you delete hot cues on Traktor Pro 3?

SherpaPsy NI Product Owner

  1. open the hotcue area.
  2. tap the X icon.
  3. tap the cue point you wish to delete.

How do I transfer Traktor to a new computer?

Install the latest version of TRAKTOR on your new computer. Open TRAKTOR and in Preferences > File Management and make sure that option Import Music-Folders at Startup is disabled. Then close TRAKTOR. Connect the external hard drive or USB flash drive with the backup files to your new computer.

How do you fix the BPM in Traktor?

During the analysis of a track, TRAKTOR may the tempo of a track to half or twice the original tempo. (e.g. 65 BPM or 260 BPM instead of 130 BPM). In order to fix this, open the Beatgrid panel below the Deck where the track is loaded. Then click the button /2 to halve the track tempo or x2 to double it.

What is quantize in Traktor?

This button tells Traktor to snap cue points, and loops to the beat, this means the songs beats (if a beat grid is not present) or the beat grid if you have created one.

How do you get the correct beat on Traktor?

1. Move to the current point on the grid that’s closest to correct beat at the end of the tempo change. 2. Add a grid marker. 3. Use the MOVE GRID FWD to align the marker with the down beat after the tempo change, using the metronome to check it’s in sync.

How do you add a load point in Traktor?

Add a load point by clicking an empty cue slot at the desired location, and selecting Load from the drop down on the right of the advanced panel. You can also add loop markers using the same system. Once you’re done, it’s always good practice to lock your track using the padlock button on the GRID tab of the advanced panel.

How do you move grid markers in Traktor?

You can move grid markers by hand using the MOVE GRID BWD and MOVE GRID FWD buttons; or; 2. start again on the correct beat. The first method is useful when the grid marker is no more than a beat out from where it should be.

Is there a way to fix tempo in Traktor?

Alternatively, the most accurate way of ensuring a track’s tempo is consistent is by using third party software such as Ableton Live, Bitwig, or Logic, to quantize the track back to a regular rhythm. You’ll need to export the fixed version as a new track and import it back into TRAKTOR to beatgrid as normal.