What was the national anthem before the queen?

What was the national anthem before the queen?

God Save the Queen
When Her Majesty the Queen dies, Britain and the Commonwealth will no longer sing ‘God Save the Queen’. When our long-standing monarch Elizabeth II dies, the British and Commonwealth anthem will revert to its male version, which was used before she ascended to the throne. It goes as follows: God save our gracious King!

Why isnt Britannia the national anthem?

The BBC has specifically said it is going to have both songs played at the concert, it’s just that they won’t be sung vocally for the pretty obvious reason that there isn’t going to be any audience in the Royal Albert Hall to sing them. The problem with both songs is the words.

What is the world’s oldest national anthem?

The Wilhelmus
Oldest national anthem The Wilhelmus was officially adopted as the national anthem in 1932, but it was written between 1569 and 1572. This makes it the oldest national anthem in the world.

Which is the national anthem of the UK?

‘God Save the Queen’ or ‘God Save the King’ is the national anthem in the UK, British Crown dependencies, a number of Commonwealth realms and their territories.

Is there an authorised version of the national anthem?

There is no authorised version of the National Anthem as the words are a matter of tradition. Additional verses have been added down the years, but these are rarely used. The words used today are those sung in 1745, substituting ‘Queen’ for ‘King’ where appropriate. On official occasions, only the first verse is usually sung.

How long should the short version of the national anthem be played?

Playing time of the short version is about 20 seconds. (3) The occasions on which the full versions or the short version will be played have been indicated at the appropriate places in these instructions. II. PLAYING OF THE ANTHEM (1) The full version of the Anthem shall be played on the following occasions: –

When did they start singing the national anthem?

The words and tune are anonymous, and may date back to the seventeenth century. ‘God Save The King’ was a patriotic song first publicly performed in London in 1745, which came to be known as the National Anthem at the beginning of the nineteenth century. In September 1745 the ‘Young