What happened in chapter 17 of To Kill a Mockingbird?

What happened in chapter 17 of To Kill a Mockingbird?

Summary: Chapter 17 Gilmer, questions Heck Tate, who recounts how, on the night of November 21, Bob Ewell urged him to go to the Ewell house and told him that his daughter Mayella had been raped. When Tate got there, he found Mayella bruised and beaten, and she told him that Tom Robinson had raped her.

Why does Candide kill the monkeys?

Summary: Chapter 16 Candide and Cacambo end up in a strange country with no roads. They see two naked women running in a meadow pursued by two monkeys biting at their legs. Candide hopes he can rescue the women and gain their assistance, and so he kills the monkeys.

Why is Scout nervous at the end of Chapter 17?

Scout is getting nervous, since she doesn’t see where Atticus is heading with these questions. Atticus has Ewell write his name, and then states what that action demonstrated: Ewell is left-handed.

What is Atticus trying to prove at the end of Chapter 17?

In Ch. 17, Atticus is trying to prove that Tom Robinson did not beat Mayella. Mayella and Bob are claiming that Tom Robinson beat and raped Mayella. She says that she had bruising on the right side of her face, meaning her attacker would have to be left-handed.

How many men did Candide kill?

Appalled that he again had been placed in a position where he was impelled to perform a violent act, Candide bewailed his lot: he, the kindest man in the world, had now killed three men, two of them priests.

Who is Candide’s most loyal friend?

Martin. Martin is a cynical scholar whom Candide befriends as a travel companion. Martin has suffered a great deal in his life and preaches a philosophy of undiluted pessimism. More knowledgeable and intelligent than either Candide or Pangloss, Martin is nonetheless a flawed philosopher.

What does Scout say at the end of Chapter 17?

The saying was: “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.” If you have hens sitting on a dozen eggs, that doesn’t mean your going to get a dozen chicks. The outcome of the novel shows that Scout was right.

Who does Bob Ewell yell at in Chapter 17?

In chapter 17, Bob Ewell takes the witness stand and testifies about what he saw on the night of November 21. Mr. Ewell begins by mentioning that he was returning to his home from the woods with a bundle of kindling when he heard Mayella scream from inside the house.