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What UPS works with Synology NAS?

What UPS works with Synology NAS?


Brand Model Number Tested by
Show All —— APC CyberPower Delta EATON FT UPS INFOSEC Kehua MGE NEXT Nitram Omron Online-USV PowerShield PowerWalker Powercom Santak Show All —— Synology Vendor Recommended
APC BX1300LCD Vendor Recommended
APC BX1500C-CA Vendor Recommended
APC BX1500G Vendor Recommended

Does Synology NAS need UPS?

It isn’t just about the NAS. Data writing operations need more than just the DiskStation. You need UPS protection for your router, switches and your desktop computer if you’re using one. If you can’t connect them to the same UPS as the DiskStation, you’ll need separate ones.

How do I connect Synology to UPS?

Connect the UPS device to a USB port of the Synology NAS. On the UPS tab, tick the Enable UPS support checkbox. Select when the Synology NAS should enter Safe Mode upon power failure. If you wish to shut down the UPS when the system enters Safe Mode, tick Shut down UPS when the system enters Safe Mode.

How do I choose UPS Synology?

Tick Enable UPS support. Select a UPS type from the drop-down menu. Select a Time before DiskStation enters Safe Mode. You can select Until low battery or customize a a length of time before the device enters Safe Mode.

Is a UPS required for NAS?

The NAS only has to be in the process of writing data to the disk at the very moment a power outage occurs; and this has potential to immediately corrupt the entire drive. So, the general consensus is to use a UPS with all NAS devices.

Is UPS needed for NAS?

1 Answer. yes, you need a UPS as well. RAID protects files that are completely written to disk, from being lost due to dfrive failure, and deterioration like bad blocks, etc.

How much power does my Synology NAS use?

Basically, a Synology NAS with two discs consumes approximately 30 W/watts, the energy usage of a modern led light bulb. It’s possible to reduce power consumption by 1 watt through the Control Panel by completely turning off the LED’s on your Synology NAS.

How do I set up UPS?

Configuring an Uninterruptible Power Supply

  1. Log in to the server and select Start, Control Panel, Power Options to open the Power Options Properties dialog box.
  2. Display the UPS tab.
  3. In the Details group, click Select to open the UPS Selection dialog box.

Is there a compatibility list for Synology ups?

Synology does not guarantee the compatibility with third-party products and peripherals on the List and reserves the right to update the List at any time without prior notice (Learn more). With any UPS model on our compatibility list, users can also extend UPS service to a second Synology product using Network UPS Server.

Can you connect a USB device to Synology?

Please go to Control Panel > Hardware & Power > UPS to configure the settings. Please directly connect the USB device to the USB port of your Synology product. USB device connection via a USB hub is not supported.

Are there any Synology tests on my router?

Please note that the tests conducted in Synology labs may not have covered every aspect and that changes to firmware or hardware may affect device compatibility and stability.