What is the most common mistake when performing the breaststroke?

What is the most common mistake when performing the breaststroke?

The most dramatic mistake in the base position is if the swimmer is never — not once in a stroke — even near a base position. In breaststroke, the base position is a perfect streamline. In this position, the moving body has the least amount of resistance.

How do you get disqualified from breaststroke?

Breaststroke. Most breaststroke disqualifications occur on turns as well. Swimmers must touch the wall with both hands simultaneously. Touching with only one hand or touching with one hand before the other results in a disqualification.

What is a common mistake with timing while swimming the breaststroke?

1. Timing. Timing is one of those breaststroke fundamentals that many swimmers often get wrong. Your breaststroke should start with the pull (when you’ll take a breath), then the kick and finally the glide in streamline position.

Why is my breastroke so slow?

Unless you’re Adam Peaty, breaststroke will always be slower than front crawl. This is due to the body position in the water – each time you lift your head your bottom half sinks, which causes drag and resistance.

What are the do’s in breaststroke?

“Your kick should begin as your head and shoulders rise to take a breath, and it should finish with the powerful extension of your knees and the slamming together of your feet as your arms shoot forward to end up extended in the glide position with your face in the water.”

What are you not allowed to do in breaststroke?

Breaststroke or flutter kicks are not allowed. At the turns & finish, both hands must touch simultaneously, but do not have to be on the same level. Common Violations: Submerged past the 15M mark; alternating kick; scissors kick; non-simultaneous arm stroke; underwater recovery; non-simultaneous or one-hand touch.

What is a good time for 25m breaststroke?

For sure, at 15 strokes, a 25m will be done in 20sec or less, at 54 strokes per minute and more, assuming that you don’t cheat…