Is Azur lane any good?

Is Azur lane any good?

Overall, I’m glad to have tried out Azur Lane and I’m totally hooked, which is rare for a mobile game. While the game can be a bit grindy at times, the amount of resources you have on tap means you will almost constantly find yourself making progress of some sort.

Can you marry multiple ships Azur lane?

1 Answer. Yes, it is possible. Oaths in Azur Lane are not monogamous. However, you will need an oath ring for each one and must get each of them to 100 affection points.

Can you marry in Azur lane?

1) First to prepare for marriage, go to the dockyard and check the affection stats of the ship you want to marry, She will have a heart icon next to her name on both the stats page and on her card in the dock.

How do I get Akashi?

Akashi/QuestlineComplete the following questline to obtain Akashi and unlock her in Construction.Some quests require more than one day to complete or cannot be completed except on specific days; therefore, this questline cannot be finished in less than 26 days. To start the questline tap Akashi 30 times in Akashi’s Shop.

How do you get a promise ring in Azur lane?

Apparently if you touch Akashi’s face a few times in the gems shop you’ll get a set of promise rings in your mail.

Can you trade in Azur lane?

Once you get you friendship level up to a certain point, you can trade an SR ship for another SR ship. You could also trade supplies to one another.

How do you expand the dock in Azur lane?

Here you can purchase dock expansions for 200 gems each, that increase your dock capacity by 10. In Azur Lane, you can marry ships by offering them a ring once they reach 100 affection. When you offer a ship with 100 affection a ring, their affection cap increases to 200 instead of the usual 100.

What do you do with dupes in Azur lane?

Dupes of common ships are fine to use as enhancement fodder or just retire as you see fit if your main fleets are stat capped.

How do you get rid of ships in Azur lane?

How To Delete Ships – Azur LaneThere are three different ways to delete ships in Azur Lane.The first is by retiring ships, which can be done under the Retire tab inside Build.The second way to delete ships is by using them as materials when enhancing another ship.The third way is by using them as materials when limit breaking another ship.

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