What is an area defense army?

What is an area defense army?

Area defenses seek to retain terrain and absorb the enemy in an interlocking series of positions and attriting the enemy largely by fires. For the Army, the mobile defense is a defensive task that concentrates on the destruction or defeat of the enemy through a decisive attack by a striking force (ADRP 3-90).

What are the army forms of defense?

There are three basic defensive tasks—area defense, mobile defense, and retrograde. These apply to both the tactical and operational levels of war, although the mobile defense is more often associated with the operational level.

What are the 7 steps of engagement area development?


  • Identify all likely enemy avenues of approach.
  • Determine likely enemy schemes of maneuver.
  • Determine where to kill the enemy.
  • Plan and integrate obstacles.
  • Emplace weapon systems.
  • Plan and integrate indirect fires.
  • Rehearse the execution of operations in the engagement area.

How do you defend an area?

A commander should conduct an area defense when the following conditions occur: When directed to defend or retain specified terrain. When he cannot resource a striking force….This manual divides execution into five steps:

  1. Gain and maintain enemy contact.
  2. Disrupt the enemy.
  3. Fix the enemy.
  4. Maneuver.
  5. Follow through.

What are the four types of rehearsals?

Ac- cording to the manual, there are four types of rehearsals: Backbrief. Combined arms rehearsal. Support rehearsal.

What are the five kinds of battle positions?

As part of a defensive operation, move tactical forces into positions to prepare for further action. A battle position is a defensive location oriented on a likely enemy avenue of approach. Five kinds of battle positions exist: primary, alternate, supplementary, subsequent, and strongpoint.

How many steps are in an engagement area?

seven steps
One of the most difficult transitions has been the necessity for doctrinal defensive operations, specifically a rifle company’s execution of the seven steps of engagement area development (EA DEV).

What are the different types of defensive operations?

There are three basic types of defensive operations: the area defense, the mobile defense, and the retrograde. These three types have significantly different concepts and pose significantly different problems. Therefore, each type of defensive operations must be dealt with differently when planning and executing the defense.

What does art 7.2 conduct an area defense?

Title Proponent Echelon 01-6-0416 Conduct Aviation Missions as part of an Area Defense 01 – Aviation/Aviation Logistics (Collective) Brigade 07-2-1378 Defend in an Urban Area (Platoon-Company) 07 – Infantry (Collective) Company 07-2-9003 Conduct a Defense (Platoon-Company) 07 – Infantry (Collective) Company 07-6-1028

What are the different types of defensive scenarios?

COMMON DEFENSIVE SCENARIOS 1 Defense against airborne and air assault attacks. 2 Defense of a linear obstacle. 3 Perimeter defense. 4 Reverse slope defense.

How are Army forces conduct offense and defense?

, articulates how Army forces conduct the offense and defense. It contains the fundamental tactics related to the execution of these elements of decisive action. Tactics employs, orders arrangement of, and directs actions of forces in relation to each other. Commanders select tactics that place their forces in positions of relative advantage.