Is there a Corvette kit car?

Is there a Corvette kit car?

GTM Supercar Kit: $24,990 The GTM kit gives you everything you need to build your car, except for select running gear parts taken from a 1997-2004 Chevrolet C5 Corvette. The major Corvette parts include the engine, front and rear control arms, suspension/brakes, and fuel tanks.

How much does a Corvette C1 cost?

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Year Body Style/Special Edition Average Price
1953 Roadster $ 185,000
1954 Roadster $ 58,500
1955 Roadster $ 71,250

Was the 58 Corvette fiberglass?

He employed the services of Time Machines Unlimited to develop a conventional convertible top for the kit Vette. A-1 Fiberglass made several subtle changes to the body to give it a more sleek, street-rod appearance.

What is the best C1 Corvette?

The 1962 Corvette (C1) Many Corvette enthusiasts say that the 1962 Corvette is the best model-year of its generation.

What is a C1 Corvette?

The Chevrolet Corvette (C1) is the first generation of the Corvette sports car produced by Chevrolet. It was introduced late in the 1953 model year, and produced through 1962. Reviews were mixed and sales fell far short of expectations through the car’s early years.

What is the difference between a 57 and 58 Corvette?

Overall, the ’58’s rear styling follows the general round-bustled theme of the ’56-’57 cars, but one key difference is in the taillamps. On the earlier cars, small, round lenses are nestled in chrome teardrop housings, while the ’58 through ’60 models employ the flush lenses shown here.

Which year is best Corvette?

Best Corvettes Ever Made

  • 1984 C4.
  • 1986 C4 Corvette.
  • 1988 Callaway Sledgehammer.
  • 1997 C5 Corvette.
  • 2004 Commemorative Edition.
  • 2015 – 2019 Corvette Z06.
  • 2017 Grand Sport.
  • 2019 Corvette ZR1.

Where can I get a 1953 Corvette kit car?

For a complete list see our main page of kit cars on Kit Car List . Advanced Automotive Technologies 1763 West Hamlin Road Rochester Hills, MI 48309 (248) 852-2900 www.aatcars.com Turnkey manufacturer of 1953 CE and Wagon replicas of 1953 Corvette, based on Corvette C4 chassis.

What makes a corvette a ” kit car “?

The Kit Car List of Corvette Kits, Bodies and Parts, manufacturers, dealers, builders, parts and turnkeys. There are many other kit cars and component vehicles that use the Corvette for running gear.

What are the features of a 1962 Corvette?

1962 Corvette Replica Roadster one piece fiberglass body kit. The base price includes the following standard features: – Doors hinged and latched. – Tonneau cover hinged. – Deck lid hinged. – Core support installed. – Dash and center console installed. – Steel structure throughout.

Where does the Corvette concept 57 body come from?

All the right boxes ticked and a ferocious foundation for Concept ’57 body. Street Shop Inc, located in Athens, AL, manufactures mandrel formed replacement chassis for your old school Corvette. The chassis utilizes 1989-1996 Corvette suspension components, drastically improving handling and braking capabilities.