What is 3B cream used for?

What is 3B cream used for?

3B is a antiperspirant emollient that reduces sweat rashes in areas where skin rubs against skin. i.e. breasts, buttocks and between the legs.

How does 3B cream work?

How Does the Neat 3B Action Cream Work? To prevent inflammation caused by sweat, simply apply the cream to areas where skin surfaces rub together, for instance between the legs. The antiperspirant works by reducing the amount of sweat produced, while its lubricating cream base prevents friction and chafing.

Can you use 3B cream on babies?

Available at all US Walgreen Stores Neat 3B Baby B Nappy Cream maintains and restores the natural balance of a baby’s skin prone to diaper/nappy rash.

Does 3B cream stop sweating?

3B Action Cream Incorporates an effective antiperspirant in an emollient (to reduce the amount of sweat produced) and a soothing cream base for application to areas where skin surfaces rub together and become inflamed.

Is 3B cream good for chafing?

Don’t let chafing and sweat rash slow you down with this incredibly effective chafing and sweat rash prevention cream.

Does 3B face saver work?

Neat 3B Face Saver has been helpful, but it’s far from perfect. I will say that it goes on rather smoothly, & dries quickly without much visible trace on the skin. For those that complain that it leaves a residue; you’re using too much. I just do a light application after my normal routine in the morning.

Does Coles sell 3B cream?

Medically formulated, 3B Action Cream is available through Pharmacies, Woolworths, Coles and Priceline.

How do you use neat 3B face saver?

Directions: Neat 3B Face Saver Gel should be applied to the forehead, the upper lip and the back of the neck. It should not be applied on or near the eyes or to the scalp. Apply to affected areas once or twice daily before applying usual skin products.

How do you use a 3B face saver?


  1. Apply moisturizer first so the formula has an emollient surface to adhere to and to act as barrier between your skin and the gel.
  2. Let dry for about a minute or two.
  3. Proceed to applying sunscreen.
  4. Apply primer afterwards.
  5. Proceed with the rest of your makeup.

How long does it take for Odaban to work?

You will normally receive your Odaban directly to your door within 14 working days, in busy periods please allow up to 21 day.

How much does neat feat 3B Action cream cost?

Neat Feat 3B Action Cream 75G by HealthMarket (2 Pack)2 $34.90$34.90($17.45/Count) Neat Feat 3B Foot Saver Roll-On Antiperspirant for Feet, 2.0 Fluid Ounces226 $9.99$9.99($5.00/Fl Oz) Beauty & Personal Care Personal Care Deodorants & Antiperspirants Loading recommendations for you Adding to Cart…

Where to put neat 3B Face Saver gel?

NEAT 3B Face Saver Gel as a lightweight antiperspirant gel which will last several hours. It can be applied to the forehead, upper lip and the back of the neck. It should not be applied on the scalp or on or near the eyes. It is best applied before other facial cosmetics, but may be applied at any time.

How much is neat feat Foot and heel balm?

Neat Feat Foot and Heel Balm Twin Pack, 150 Gram, 5.2 Fl Oz, Moisturizing Foot Cream, Dry & Cracked Skin on Heels and Feet, 75 Gram, 2 Pack 4.5 out of 5 stars 120 $7.12

Where does neat feat Foot Care come from?

Neat Feat Products provides High Performance Foot & Body Care Toiletries for an active, healthy lifestyle. Developed by practising family physicians in Auckland, New Zealand, the Neat Feat range of sports toiletries has become a well established and well recognised brand in Australasia during the last decade.