Is the Nine Lives album a musical adaptation?

Is the Nine Lives album a musical adaptation?

The Nine Lives album is a musical adaptation of the New York Times bestselling book “Nine Lives” by Dan Baum (New York: Spiegel & Grau, 2009). The non-fiction book is a remarkable oral history of New Orleans in the forty years (1965-2005) between the twin catastrophes known as Betsy and Katrina as seen through the eyes of nine of its citizens.

Why is the musical Nine called the musical 9?

Yeston called the musical Nine, explaining that if you add music to 8½, “it’s like half a number more.”

Who was the composer of the musical Nine?

Yeston began to work on the musical in 1973. As a teenager, he had seen the Fellini film and was intrigued by its themes. “I looked at the screen and said ‘That’s me.’

Who are the women in the musical Nine?

Luisa’s efforts to talk to him seem to be drowned out by voices in his head: voices of women in his life, speaking through the walls of his memory, insistent, flirtatious, irresistible, potent. Women speaking beyond words (Overture delle Donne).

Who is the author of the musical Nine?

Nine is a musical, initially created and written by Maury Yeston as a class project in the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop in 1973. It was later developed with a book by Mario Fratti, and then again with a book by Arthur Kopit, music and lyrics by Yeston. The story is based also on Federico Fellini ‘s semi-autobiographical 1963 film 8½.

What happens at the end of the musical Nine?

But, as the gun is at his head, there is a final life-saving interruption—from his nine-year-old self (Getting Tall), in which the young Guido points out it is time to move on. To grow up. And Guido surrenders the gun.

When was the musical Nine produced on Broadway?

Kopit’s new book, along with Yeston’s now completed score, became the script that was produced on Broadway in 1982. Fellini had entitled his film 8½ in recognition of his prior body of work, which included six full-length films, two short films, and one film that he co-directed.