Is Multiboxing allowed in swtor?

Is Multiboxing allowed in swtor?

Multi-boxing is allowed as long as you are present for each character and able to move them around the world.

Can you solo uprisings Swtor?

Even story mode uprisings are intended to be a group content, although you can solo the easiest ones with level 50 comp and when you know your class well enough.

Will swtor shut down 2021?

They are already talking about the 10 year anniversary which is December 2021 and so the game isn’t going to be shut down before then and not soon after. And as long as we keep spending cash on this game there’s no reason for them to shut it down. …

Does EA still support swtor?

All Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ support is now located at EA Help. Please visit help.ea.com for assistance.

Where are uprisings Swtor?

They are on the fleet in the Combat Training section. Republic side they are in the south-west section by the heroic missions terminal. Imperial side is flipped, so the north-east section.

What are uprisings in swtor?

Uprisings are meant to be faster-paced and action-packed combat adventures where you must fight through multiple enemies at a time as you work your way towards more challenging foes. In Uprisings, you will jump into the action quickly, taking on some of the most dangerous foes in the galaxy.

Is SWTOR closing?

Swtor Closing In is the sixth macrobinoculars droid mission. For empire players the equivalent mission is Within Reach. This mission objectives takes place on three different planets.

Is Disney going to cancel SWTOR?

I have been speculating for a while now that this behind the scenes stuff is about greater funding/revitalising the game, or even about integrating the game into the Disney canon. In other words: stop worrying, because there’s nothing to worry about. SWTOR won’t be shut down for years to come.

How do I get Startuprisings in swtor?

Galactic Command — Uprisings Be at the center of action-packed 4-player battles that challenge players of all skill levels. Once you hit maximum level, you can jump into Uprisings through the Galactic Command interface, accessible from anywhere in the game.

What are operations in swtor?

Operations are instanced, repeatable adventures for cooperative group-play. They are end-game content intended for groups of 8 or 16 players. As with other SWTOR features, operations are story-driven, meaning that Republic and Imperial factions will both have larger purposes for approaching the situation.

Is SWTOR having server issues?

Swtor.com is UP and reachable by us.

Is Star Wars: The Old Republic profitable?

In an earnings call to investors in October 2019, Electronic Arts announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic was closing in on a billion dollars in lifetime revenue, making it a huge financial success based on the reported $200 million development budget.

What are the names of the planets in SWTOR?

Voss is the home of two indigenous species, and mostly has autumnish/goldenish forests (think Eversong Woods in WoW). Corellia is a well-known planet, and until recently fairly quiet and controlled by Galactic Republic forces. Coronet City is its most notable location.

Which is the end game planet in SWTOR?

Ilum is currently THE endgame planet for solo players, both PvP and PvE. It has a massive open-world PvP zone where hundreds of players can fight one another, and several level 50 operations (raids). You will learn to love its frozen, mountainous surface and the subterranean crystals.

What kind of planet is Hoth in SWTOR?

Hoth is an independent planet which has a molten core which is used for mining, but outside it’s a frozen wasteland. The most notable scenery is a lot of old ship wreckage. Belsavis is controlled by The Republic and is largely a frozen wasteland as well, but it does have some areas which are not.

Which is the most independent planet in SWTOR?

Nar Shaddaa is an independent planet where you’ll first encounter players of the other faction in some neutral zones. The planet is basically a cityscape. Tattoine probably doesn’t require any special introduction. It’s an independent planet with some Imperial presence on which the largest settlement is Anchorhead.