How tall is Rei Sailor Moon?

How tall is Rei Sailor Moon?

Rei is a teenage girl with long black hair and blue eyes (although, they are sometimes colored in purple). She is said to be 160 cm of 5’3″ in height.

How tall are the Sailor Moon characters?

Sailor Moon: Every Sailor Senshi’s Canon Age, Height, & Birthday

  • 5 Sailor Venus- 14/ 5′ 2″/ October 22nd.
  • 6 Sailor Jupiter- 14/ 5′ 6″/ December 6th.
  • 7 Sailor Mercury- 14/5′ 2″/ September 10th.
  • 8 Sailor Mars- 14/ 5′ 3″/ April 17th.
  • 9 Sailor Chibi-Moon- 100/It Varies Throughout/June 30th.
  • 10 Sailor Moon- 14/4’11″/June 30th.

How tall are the sailor guardians?

Did Usagi’s Height Change as Sailor Moon Progressed?

Character Classic S
Usagi 150cm 158cm
Ami 163cm 164cm
Rei 165cm 166cm

Is Rei older than Usagi?

They are both much, much younger than him. Both Rei and Usagi are about fourteen when they meet Mamoru, while Mamoru himself is seventeen. This means the middle school Rei dated a college-aged man.

Who is Rei Hino in Sailor Moon anime?

Rei Hino (火野 レイ, Hino Rei) is the civilian identity and present-day incarnation of Sailor Mars (セーラーマーズ, Seera Maazu).

Who are the Sailor Guardians in Sailor Moon?

Standing in their way are the Sailor Guardians, five middle-school-aged girls – perky Usagi Tsukino, genius Ami Mizuno, paranormally gifted shrine maiden Rei Hino, tomboyish Makoto Kino, and J-pop idol Minako Aino – are sworn to protect the Princess of the Moon and defeat the Dark Kingdom.

What kind of clothes does Rei Hino wear?

Rei is a very beautiful girl with long black hair, purple eyes, and red stud earrings. Her school uniform is a sailor jacket with a red bow on the chest, a miniskirt, long white socks and black shoes. Her shrine maiden outfit includes a long red skirt and white top. Rei Hino is quiet, calm and nice.

When did pretty guardian Sailor Moon come out?

It was produced by Toei Company . Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (commonly referred to as PGSM) was first broadcast by Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting, airing on that station in Nagoya and on the Japan News Network nationwide from October 4, 2003 to September 25, 2004.