How much is train ticket from Helsinki to Oulu?

How much is train ticket from Helsinki to Oulu?

Train Information from Helsinki to Oulu

Distance 334 miles (539 km)
Average train duration 5 h 30 min
Average train ticket price $70 (€56)
Direct train Yes
Train providers VR

How do I get from Helsinki to Rovaniemi?

Another easy option is train. There are direct trains running between Helsinki and Rovaniemi. If you’re coming to Finland by plane, take a train from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Tikkurila and transfer to a long-distance train towards Rovaniemi. All trains are operated by state company VR.

Can you see Northern Lights in Helsinki?

On the coast of the Arctic Ocean in North Norway (e.g. in Tromsö) one can see Northern lights almost every night. Even in South Finland, say Helsinki, one can see them but much more seldom; in Helsinki only one night out of 20.

How long to drive from Helsinki to Lapland?

approximately 9h 59m
It takes approximately 9h 59m to drive from Helsinki to Lapland.

What month is best to see Northern Lights in Finland?

The best time to see the northern lights in Finland is from December to March. During these months there are also plenty of fun winter activities for you to enjoy. So even if the weather isn’t on your side, you will still have an incredible time in Lapland.

Is Sweden or Finland better for Northern Lights?

Norway is undoubtedly the best place for seeing the northern lights in Scandinavia, especially if you want to capture the aurora dancing above spectacular fjords and waterfalls. However, Sweden and Finland are both great options if you want to see the northern lights on a smaller budget.

What airport do you fly to for Lapland?

Rovaniemi is the most popular airport (travelers interested in visiting Santa Claus’s village should fly here), being Ivalo the northest one. Rovaniemi serves as the entrance to all Lapland, Northwest Russia, Northern Sweden and Norway.

Can I see Northern Lights in Helsinki?

It is possible to see the northern lights in Helsinki, but as is the case with urban stargazing, the conditions have to be just right. As Helsinki is home to over 600,000 and snow amplifies the light pollution of the city, it’s a special night when you get a really great aurora show – but it’s definitely possible!

What is the best month to visit Finland?

It depends on what you’d like to experience: for plenty of snow and winter activities, December to March is the best time. For springtime sun and the revival of nature after the winter, April to May is the period. For long and warm summer days and plenty of events, opt for June, July and August.

Is Finland better than Iceland for Northern Lights?

Iceland is better for scenery and activeties. Tromso will have little if any sunrise, just blue light for a part of the day, Iceland will have short days. So factor this in to your plans. Finland is very different to Norway, it’s generally flattish the scenery is not as interesting as Tromso or Iceland.

Do the Northern Lights happen every night?

There is no official season since the Northern Lights are almost always present, day and night. Caused by charged particles from the sun hitting atoms in Earth’s atmosphere and releasing photons, it’s a process that happens constantly.