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How fast does a PW50 Yamaha go?

How fast does a PW50 Yamaha go?

30 mph
Top Speed: 30 mph (Est.)…Specifications.

Engine Type Air-cooled 2-stroke; reed-valve inducted
Fuel Capacity . 53 gal
Wet Weight 86 lb
Warranty 90 Day (Limited Factory Warranty)

How much is a PW50 Yamaha?

2021 Yamaha PW50 • $1,649.

Do they still make a PW50?

Yamaha PW50 Updates For 2020 No major changes aside from new graphics. Price remains the same at $1,499.

Is Pee Wee 50 a 2-stroke?

The PW50’s lightweight 50cc 2-stroke air-cooled engine is designed specifically to suit the needs of new riders. Smooth and responsive, the fully-automatic gearbox makes for rider-friendly ‘twist-and-go’ performance – and the simple throttle limiter allows parents to adjust top speed to suit the rider’s skill level.

How fast is a YZ 50?

The Yamaha TTR50 tops out at 32 mph Be sure to teach your children to turn the bike off using the key and to never make use of the kill switch.

How much is a Yamaha 50 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $1,499 $1,620
Options (Add)
Total Price $1,499 $1,620

What does PW stand for in Yamaha?

PW History In the early 1980’s it was named the Yamaha YZinger then later the PW50 name was given.

How high is a Pee Wee 50?

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Length (mm) 1245 Wet / Operational Weight (kg) 39.00
Height (mm) 715 Seat Height (mm) 485
Wheelbase (mm) 855 Seating Capacity 1
Ground Clearance (mm) 105.0 Turning Radius (m) 1.3
Dry Weight (kg) 37.0