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How far did Vic Wertz hit the ball?

How far did Vic Wertz hit the ball?

In the biggest baseball game of his life, the opening contest of the 1954 World Series, Vic Wertz hit a 420-foot triple to right, a 400-foot double to left-center, and two line singles, while driving in all of his team’s runs.

Who did Vic Wertz play for?

He had a seventeen-year Major League Baseball (MLB) career from 1947 to 1963. He played for the Detroit Tigers, St. Louis Browns, Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, and Minnesota Twins; all teams within the American League.

What happened to Willie Mays in Cleveland?

Mays Amazes With the game tied 2–2 in the eighth inning of Game 1 of the 1954 World Series, the Cleveland Indians had runners on first and second against the New York Giants. Mays caught it over his shoulder, turned and gunned it back towards the infield, saving the runs.

Who was the pitcher when Willie Mays made the catch?

Vic Wertz
The Catch refers to a memorable defensive baseball play by Willie Mays on September 29, 1954, during Game 1 of the 1954 World Series between the New York Giants and the Cleveland Indians at the Polo Grounds in New York on a ball hit by Vic Wertz.

How did Willie Mays get his nickname?

Mays received $6,000 for signing with the Giants after graduating high school in 1950. New York Journal American sportswriter Barney Kremenko said that in Mays’ rookie season, the reticent Mays “would blurt ‘Say who,’ ‘Say what,’ ‘Say where,’ ‘Say hey. ‘ In my paper, I tabbed him the ‘Say Hey Kid.

When did Vic Wertz play in Major League Baseball?

Victor Woodrow Wertz (February 9, 1925 – July 7, 1983) was an American professional baseball first baseman and outfielder. He had a seventeen-year Major League Baseball (MLB) career from 1947 to 1963.

When was Vic Wertz traded to the Cleveland Indians?

The Orioles played in the then mammoth Memorial Stadium (Baltimore) that frustrated the power-hitting left-handed hitter. On June 1, 1954, he was traded by the Baltimore Orioles to the Cleveland Indians for Bob Chakales. When he was traded he was hitting only

Where was Vic Wertz Field in Berks County named?

Vic Wertz Field at the Berks County Youth Recreation Facility in Pennsylvania is named in his honor. The field was dedicated on April 19, 2013. Wertz was a World War II veteran. During and after his baseball career, Wertz worked in the Detroit area beer distribution business .

When did Vic Wertz sign with the twins?

June 18, 1963: Signed as a Free Agent with the Minnesota Twins. October 15, 1963: Released by the Minnesota Twins. The transaction information used here was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted by Retrosheet . We attempt to update transactions throughout the season.


How far did Vic Wertz hit the ball?

How far did Vic Wertz hit the ball?

450 feet
Wertz hits the ball 450 feet and is remembered as a victim.

Who played in the 1954 World Series?

New York Giants over Cleveland Indians (4-0)

Who won the World Series in 1954?

New York Giants
1954 World Series/Champion

Who pitched Game 1 of the 1954 World Series?

Willie Mays
“The Catch” occurred during Game 1 of this series, when Giants center fielder Willie Mays snared a long drive by Vic Wertz near the outfield wall with his back to the infield….

1954 World Series
Dates September 29 – October 2
Venue Polo Grounds (New York) Cleveland Stadium (Cleveland)

What was the catch by Willie Mays?

However, Mays made an over-the-shoulder catch while on the run to record the out, and his throw back to the infield prevented the runners from advancing….The play.

Pitcher New York Giants Batter Cleveland Indians Result (outs in bold)
Maglie (R) Rosen (R) Single (Doby to second)

Did the Yankees win the World Series in 1953?

The Yankees and Dodgers repeated as pennant winners in 1953, and Billy Martin again was instrumental in the Yankees winning the World Series. In the first game, the Yankees loaded the bases in the first inning against the pride of Flatbush, Carl Erskine.

What year did the Giants move to San Francisco?

On May 28, 1957, National League owners vote unanimously to allow the New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers to move to San Francisco and Los Angeles, respectively, at the mid-season owner’s meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

Did Willie Mays play at the Polo Grounds?

The Catch was a baseball play made by New York Giants center fielder Willie Mays on September 29, 1954, during Game 1 of the 1954 World Series at the Polo Grounds in Upper Manhattan, New York City. The Giants won the game 5–2 in extra innings, and eventually the World Series.

Who was the winner of the 1954 World Series?

The 1954 World Series matched the National League champion New York Giants against the American League champion Cleveland Indians. The Giants swept the Series in four games to win their first championship since 1933, defeating the heavily favored Indians, who had won an AL-record 111 games in the regular season;

Who was the manager of the Giants in 1954?

Utility player Dusty Rhodes had clutch hits in three of the four games, including a pinch-hit walk-off that won Game 1, barely clearing the 258-foot (79 m) right-field fence at the Polo Grounds. Giants manager Leo Durocher, who had managed teams to three National League championships, won his only World Series title as a manager.

What was Willie Mays batting average in 1954?

Willie Mays (.345 batting average, 41 home runs, 110 runs batted in) led an offense that also featured Don Mueller (.342 batting average), Alvin Dark (.293 batting average, 98 runs), Hank Thompson (26 home runs, 86 runs batted in) and pinch-hitter extraordinaire Dusty Rhodes (.341 batting average).

How did Whitey Lockman score in the 1954 World Series?

The Indians trailed 1–0 quickly when Whitey Lockman singled, took second on a groundout and scored on a hit by Willie Mays. The run was scored as unearned because of an error by shortstop George Strickland. With the bases loaded in the third, pinch hitter Dusty Rhodes hit a two-run single.