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How do you use autofocus on a Canon 5D Mark III?

How do you use autofocus on a Canon 5D Mark III?

A step by step instruction on how to setup back button AF to focus on a different zone than the shutter button:

  1. go to the Custom Controls menu (custom functions tab – page 2)
  2. select AF-ON.
  3. select AF and metering.
  4. press the INFO button.
  5. select HP (home point)
  6. leave the menu.
  7. set the AF area selection mode to Single-point AF.

What is af Quickmode?

Using AF (Quick Mode) to Focus. When [Quick mode] is set: The dedicated AF sensor is used to focus in the same way as with viewfinder shooting. Although you can focus the desired area quickly, the Live View image will be interrupted momentarily during the AF operation.

What is the difference between AI Servo AI focus and one shot?

One-Shot is for when neither you, nor the subject, are moving. AI Servo is for when either you, or the subject, is moving. AI Focus is for when neither you, nor the subject care if your focus is accurate.

What kind of autofocus does Canon 5D Mark III use?

As I have already pointed out earlier, Canon finally integrated its best autofocus system into the 5D Mark III. Instead of the old 9 focus point system with a single cross-type sensor that was used on both the original 5D and 5D Mark II, Canon decided to use the same professional AF system it uses on its flagship Canon 1D X DSLR.

Where are the AF points on a 5D Mark III?

Hold down the AF point selection button (top right of the back of your camera) and press the LCD illumination button (the light bulb) This point is now registered – if you move the AF point somewhere else it will blink.

How to set the auto switch on 5D Mark III?

For this reason it is in most situations necessary to let the camera decide which AF point to use. Setting the value for AF pt auto switching to +1 will ensure that the AF follows the movement of the subject inside the frame, and proved to be sufficiently fast for my needs.

Which is the best AF system for a Canon 5D?

This was a very welcome move because if Canon continued with its old AF system, it would have severely threatened the 5D line, making the 5D Mark III a worthless upgrade. The new 61 point AF system is the most advanced AF system Canon developed thus far, making autofocus the most appealing feature of the camera.