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How do I become an electrical PAT tester?

How do I become an electrical PAT tester?

In order to receive PAT testing qualifications, you will need to complete a PAT tester course. This is available from a wide range of providers, some of which require previous electrical experience to qualify as an official PAT tester.

What qualifications does a PAT tester need?

No specific qualifications are required, the regulations only require the testing to be done by a competent person. The definition of a competent person in the regulations is – “A person possessing sufficient technical knowledge or experience to be capable of ensuring that injury is prevented”.

How much does a PAT tester earn?

The average Pat tester salary is £27,745. This is 19.0% below the national average advertised salary of £34,261. Most Pat tester job ads are for Engineering Jobs and Trade & Construction Jobs. The top companies hiring for Pat tester roles are MITIE, Sue Ryder Volunteer and PHS Group.

Can I do pat testing myself?

You can PAT test without a qualification. Guidance say you have to be competent to test electrical equipment, not that you have to be qualified. The Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association say that you should undergo thorough training by a competent person in order to become competent yourself.

Do you have to be an electrician to be a PAT tester?

PAT Testing Technician Requirements Adequate knowledge of electricity. Adequate experience of electrical work.

Can you do PAT testing yourself?

Can I do my own PAT testing?

Can my business carry out its own PAT testing? Yes, your business can carry out its own PAT tests, as long as the person doing the testing is a ‘competent’ person. If you decide to do your own PAT testing we would strongly recommend taking a PAT testing course as it’s important to perform the PAT tests correctly.

How long is a PAT testing course?

3 Day
This 3 Day EET / PAT Testing course is designed specifically for those with little or no electrical experience. PAT testing courses are open to all (over the age of 18) from office managers to maintenance people.

Does PAT testing need to be done every year?

Is PAT testing required annually? PAT testing does not have specific frequency requirements and instead it is recommended based on factors including the location, frequency, and type of equipment. Portable equipment such as extension leads within Offices, Hotels, and Shops should be tested every 24 months.

Does a fridge need PAT testing?

Stationary equipment is basically things such as fridges, washing machines and other appliances that stay in a fixed position for most of their life cycle. It may look big and bulky and basically the opposite of portable, but stationary equipment is still part of the PAT testing procedure.

What are the features of the Uni-T ut527 Pat tester?

UNI-T UT527 PAT Tester Key Features Extremely easy to use PAT tester, highly recommended for use by those new to the industry PASS/FAIL indication only – the UT527 will let you know if an appliance has passed the tests, but won’t show full testing results Does all the basic tests you need, including earth continuity and insulation resistance

What kind of Pat tester do I Need?

If you’re looking to get started doing your own PAT testing, or are looking for a simple-to-use, entry-level unit that does all the basic tests you need, look no further than the UNI-T UT527 PAT Tester.

Is there an upgraded version of the Uni-T ut527?

The upgraded version of the UT527, the UT528, does show full readings. Three-Button Test Activation – once you’re connected to your appliance, all you need to do is press the right button to test.

Do you need an IEC adapter for the ut527?

Built-in IEC Port and Mains Plug Port – in most cases, there’s no need to use an IEC adapter with the UT527 to test IEC leads (such as laptop power supplies etc) as they’ll plug directly into the top of the instrument. You can also plug standard 3-pin plug appliances into the slot on the front of the tester