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Did anyone go to jail for To Catch a Predator?

Did anyone go to jail for To Catch a Predator?

It was later found out that he was no longer a police officer at the time and had actually been fired. All men arrested faced five to ten years in prison if convicted.

Is Chris Hansen still married?

Chris Hansen, 61, was previously married to Mary Joan Hansen for over 30 years. The couple split in 2018 after Mary claimed in court documents that their “marriage has broken down irretrievably.” Hansen and Mary have two children.

Why did Hansen vs Predator end?

The show was ultimately canceled as a result despite its stellar ratings. Host Chris Hansen has recently been feature on the Discovery Plus docu-series Onision: In Real Life and discussed his involvement with us.

What happened to Del from perverted justice?

Harvey left Perverted Justice shortly after the cancellation of To Catch a Predator. In 2008 Del became a content moderator for Twitter, and by 2014 was vice president of trust and safety. She has direct control over which accounts on the platform are suspended or terminated due to policy violations.

Is there a show called to catch a predator?

To Catch a Predator. To Catch a Predator is an American reality television series that features hidden camera investigations by the television news magazine program Dateline NBC.

Who was the 13 year old on to catch a predator?

Conradt allegedly solicited sex from a watchdog decoy posing as a 13-year-old-boy. As per the process on To Catch a Predator, Conradt was given the address of a sting house where police and the show’s host, Chris Hansen, would be waiting to confront Conradt.

Where was the house on to catch a predator?

As with the Ohio investigation, the fifth investigation was aired in two hourlong parts in May 2006, forming the second half of the month-long series of To Catch a Predator specials. The operation was done in a house at 1252 Caloosa Drive in Fort Myers, Florida, and saw 24 men arrested in three days.

When did to catch a predator first air?

The first in the series aired in November 2004 as a Dateline NBC segment called Dangerous Web. The operation was set up in a home in Long Island, NY, to which 18 men came over two-and-a-half days after making an appointment for sex with a minor.