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Did anyone died in Gulder Ultimate Search?

Did anyone died in Gulder Ultimate Search?

Death of contestant A contestant Anthony Ogadje, drowned in a lake in Jos Plateau State in GUS 4 during the shoot.

Who won Gulder Ultimate Search 2013?

Dennis Okike
In the second part of the exclusive with Gulder Ultimate Search ‘Tenth Symbol’ 2013 edition winner Dennis Okike, shares on his lifestyle after the reality show, his investments , empowerment programs and initiatives to help the youth and the needy.

Who won the 10th edition of Gulder Ultimate Search?

The Season 10 edition of the reality game show Gulder Ultimate Search is over and 29-year old University graduate Dennis Okike has emerged the winner.

What year was the last Gulder Ultimate Search?

For 11 seasons, The Gulder Ultimate Search captivated viewers and kept everyone glued to their TV screens. The last edition of the survival reality show was held in 2014 but its impact on Nigeria and Nigerian television can never be forgotten, with several memorable seasons and winners.

Is Gulder ultimate search back?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Gulder Ultimate Search Show has been discontinued.

Who was the first anchor of Gulder Ultimate Search?

Chidi Mokeme
After nine years of dazzling millions of television viewers in Nigeria as the first host of the Gulder Ultimate Search, Nollywood play boy actor, Chidi Mokeme is back as the anchor of this year’s reality television show.

What channel is ultimate search?

Africa Magic
Nigerian Television Authority
Gulder Ultimate Search/Networks

When was gulder founded?

Gulder Ultimate Search first launched in Nigeria in 2004. It ran for 12 seasons and produced many TV stars including Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike before it ended in 2016.

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Annual production volume 466,700 Barrels (as of 2017)
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Who was the first winner of Gulder Ultimate Search?

GUS 1 was produced on the Snake Island in Lagos State. The theme was ‘The Legend of Captain Kush’ and the Mr. Ezeugo Egwuagwu made history as the first winner of the reality show took home the Star Prize of 3 Million Naira.

Where was the Horn of valour in Gulder Ultimate Search?

GUS 6 was taken to the western part of Nigeria in the deserted Omodo Forest of Aagba in Osun State and ‘The Horn of Valour’ was found by Mr. Uche Nwaezeapu. The celebrity edition was the GUS series was launched in 2010 and location was Lacapagne Tropicana Epe Lagos.

Where was Goldern goblet found in Gulder Ultimate Search?

The celebrity edition was the GUS series was launched in 2010 and location was Lacapagne Tropicana Epe Lagos. ‘The Goldern Goblet’ was found by the Ace Nollywood Actor Emeka Ike and he goes home with the sum of seven million naira.