Is Bjelke-Petersen Dam open?

Is Bjelke-Petersen Dam open?

Fish through the morning fog of Winter or sport your best bucket hat and esky on a hot summer’s day – we’re open all year round! If you enjoy fresh country air and a place where you can relax, swim, fish, boat or water ski, then Bjelke-Petersen Dam is the place for you to spend some time!

How full is Bjelke-Petersen Dam?

Boondooma’s water level currently sits at 41% and BP Dam had a small inflow and sits at 17%.

Can you swim in Bjelke-Petersen Dam?

Water activities including swimming, kayaking and sailing are permitted among other activities, however, please note the exclusion zones as signed. The boat ramps are owned by Sunwater and managed by South Burnett Regional Council. One is adjacent to the dam wall and the other is directly below the camping area.

How much water is in Bjelke-Petersen Dam?

1,450,000 megalitres
Bjelke-Petersen Dam covers 2,500 hectares and holds 1,450,000 megalitres of water, which is used for irrigation and water supply to Murgon and Cherbourg’s towns.

Can you take dogs to Bjelke Petersen dam?

Pets are not permitted inside cabin or villa accommodation. Campfires are permitted but must be supervised and within a fire ring or your own brazier.

How full are the dams in Qld?

Dam Full supply volume (ML) % full
Cooloolabin View historical dam levels 8, 183 ML 65.4%
Enoggera View historical dam levels 4, 262 ML 98.9%
Ewen Maddock View historical dam levels 16, 587 ML 87.6%
Gold Creek View historical dam levels 801 ML 95.0%

Can you swim in Lake Barambah?

Named after Queensland’s much-loved and longest-serving premier, you’ll also hear it referred to as Lake Barambah. Not only is this 2,500 hectare dam tailor-made for swimming, boating and waterskiing, it’s also generously-stocked with native fish, from golden perch and saratoga to Australian bass.

What percentage is Leslie Dam at?

Leslie Dam – The current water level and volume in Leslie Dam is 57.4% and 60739ML.

What is the largest dam in Queensland?

Burdekin Dam
Burdekin Dam is the largest dam in Queensland. The dam is located about 100km south of Charters Towers.

Do you need a permit for borumba dam?

Borumba Dam Day Use Area Remember the lake is home to an abundance of wildlife. It’s very important to ensure that all rubbish, especially fishing line and hooks, are disposed of properly to avoid serious harm to wildlife. You must have a fishing permit for this lake.