Why is throat plate clearance zero?

Why is throat plate clearance zero?

It closes the gap from the metal insert that came with your saw which reduces the possibility of tear-out on your cuts. Most importantly, the zero clearance insert prevents small stock pieces from falling down into the blade well. This helps prevent kick-back which can be dangerous.

What material is zero clearance insert?

What is a Zero Clearance Insert Exactly? A ZCI is a replacement for the throat plate of a table saw. It is the same size, shape and thickness of the standard throat plate that comes with your table saw. It can be made from wood, plastic, MDF or any material that it easily cut by the same tools used to cut wood.

What is the benefit of a zero clearance table saw insert?

Zero-clearance inserts improve cut quality and make your saw safer to use. Zero-clearance slots are no wider than the blade, so off- cuts can’t get stuck and tear-out is dramatically reduced. Another benefit:You can use the saw kerf to line up your cuts.

Which is the best zero clearance throat plate insert?

Our melamine-coated solid phenolic resin, zero clearance blanks made by Leecraft are flatter, stiffer and slicker than any other throat plate inserts you can buy.

Is the bottom of a throat plate pre recessed?

The bottom of each blank is pre-recessed to accomodate your saw blade, so you can more easy begin to cut the blade opening through the plate. Instructions for safely cutting through the plate are included. Please follow them carefully. Please note: Throat plate colors are random and may be a different color than pictured.

What are the features of a throat plate?

Most models of these insert plates feature lateral and end adjustment screws, leveling screws that are accessible from the top, a steel retaining pin to keep the rear of the blank from lifting and a finger hold for easy removal. (Not all of the throat plate features listed are appropriate for every model of saw the plates fit.)

Do you need a throat plate for a saw?

See our throat plate fit chart below. Custom throat plates are one of the handiest accessories for your saw, preventing cut-off kickback, limiting chip-out and providing solid stock support.