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Why is my taskbar so big Windows 7?

Why is my taskbar so big Windows 7?

To start, make sure your taskbar is unlocked. Hover your mouse over the top edge of the taskbar, where the mouse pointer turns into a double arrow. Left-click the mouse and hold the mouse button down. Drag the mouse up, and the taskbar will, once your mouse reaches high enough, jump to double the size.

How do I change the taskbar on Windows 7?

Click directly on the taskbar, then drag it to the section of the desktop you want it to reside. The taskbar can be moved to the left, right, top, or bottom of your desktop. Release your mouse after you have placed the taskbar in its desired position.

How do I adjust taskbar size?

First, position your mouse cursor on the edge of the taskbar. The pointer cursor will change into the resize cursor, which looks like a short vertical line with an arrow head on each end. Once you see the resize cursor, click and drag the mouse up or down to change the height of the taskbar.

How do I make my taskbar even smaller?

How to Make the Taskbar Even Smaller

  1. Right-click the taskbar and chose Taskbar settings.
  2. Locate the Use small taskbar buttons option from the right pane and select the button next to it. The taskbar will immediately become noticeably smaller.

How do I reduce the size of my taskbar in Windows 7?

You can resize the taskbar to create additional space for buttons and toolbars.

  1. Right-click an empty area on the taskbar.
  2. Point to the edge of the taskbar until the pointer changes into a double-headed arrow‍‍ , and then drag the border to make the taskbar the size you want.

How do I bring the taskbar down in Windows 7?

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  1. Click a blank portion of the taskbar.
  2. Hold down the primary mouse button, and then drag the mouse pointer to the place on the screen where you want the taskbar.
  3. After you move the mouse pointer to the position on your screen where you want the taskbar, release the mouse button.

Why is my taskbar showing when I fullscreen?

People have reported some quick fixes for the taskbar showing in fullscreen. While the taskbar is showing in fullscreen, right-click on a taskbar icon (application, network status, volume, etc.) This can be done by exiting fullscreen, then clicking on the show desktop button in the taskbar twice.

How do you Make Your taskbar larger?

Hover the mouse pointer over the top of the taskbar until you see the double-headed arrow. Click and drag upward to make the taskbar taller. If you’re running at relatively low resolution, you probably want the taskbar to be two lines tall.

How do I enlarge the taskbar?

To resize the Taskbar, place your mouse pointer over the edge of the Taskbar until you see a double-pointed arrow appear and then click and drag to make the Taskbar taller or shorter. To lock the Taskbar to prevent modifications, right-click the blank area in the Taskbar and select the “Lock the taskbar” command.

How do you change the height of a taskbar?

If you want to increase the default height of the taskbar, right-click on the taskbar, click Lock the taskbar option to unlock the same, place mouse pointer on the top-edge of the taskbar and then drag it towards the top of the screen. Once done, right-click on the taskbar again and then click Lock the taskbar option to lock and save the new size.

Why is my taskbar too big?

Windows 10 text and icons too big – Sometimes this issue can occur due to your scaling settings. If that’s the case, try adjusting your scaling settings and check if that helps. Windows 10 Taskbar icons too big – If your Taskbar icons are too big, you can change their size simply by modifying your Taskbar settings.