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Why did Brown Mackie close?

Why did Brown Mackie close?

In June 2016, EDMC announced plans to close all but four Brown Mackie campuses due to severe drops in enrollment following lawsuits that cost the college system millions, damaged its reputation, and puts its accreditation in jeopardy. Enrolled students were allowed to finish their degrees prior to closing.

How do I get a copy of my diploma from Brown Mackie College?

Transcripts, diplomas and education verifications are only available through Parchment. Visit : for more information and to order.

Is Argosy University a real school?

Argosy University was a system of for-profit colleges owned by Dream Center Education Holdings (DCEH), LLC and Education Management Corporation….Argosy University.

Type For-profit
Established 2001–2019
Chancellor Cynthia Baum
Students 17,600
Location United States

Is the Brown Mackie College system still open?

Once a student, always an alum. The Brown Mackie College system of schools is no longer accepting new students. For transcript requests or other information, please visit the Brown Mackie College Closed Schools page. Brown Mackie College is a system of schools throughout the United States.

When was Brown Mackie School of Business founded?

The original Brown Mackie College was founded in 1892 in Salina, Kansas, as the Kansas Wesleyan School of Business. In 1938, two of its former instructors, Perry E. Brown and A.B. Mackie, incorporated the school as The Brown Mackie School of Business. The school was licensed by the Kansas Board of Regents to grant associate degrees in 1986.

What was the mascot for Brown Mackie College?

The official mascot for the Brown Mackie College-Salina teams was the Lions. The Lions participated in three sports: baseball, basketball, and softball. The Lions were part of the NJCAA and were an affiliate member of the Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference.

When was Brown Mackie College acquired by EDMC?

In 2003, Education Management Corporation (EDMC) acquired eighteen schools from AEC, including the original Brown Mackie College. The following year, EDMC rebranded all of the AEC schools under the Brown Mackie name.