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Why are charts grayed out in Excel?

Why are charts grayed out in Excel?

There are two possible causes: You are inside a cell, typing something. In that case just press enter or escape on the keyboard to leave the cell. Objects are hidden within the Excel settings.

How do you unlock a greyed out menu in Excel 2010?

You must unprotect the workbook, worksheet or cell to unlock the unavailable menus. Click the “Home” menu, then choose “Format” in the “Cells” tab. Select “Unprotect Sheet” from “Protection” section of the drop-down menu to unlock the worksheet.

Why are charts not working in Excel?

The issue is very simple. In the “won’t graph” table, the numbers are stored as text. To fix this, just retype the numbers, click on the green prompt to the side of the box, or paste it to and from another application (excel should autodetect it as a number).

How do I turn on charts in Excel?

To insert a chart:

  1. Select the cells you want to chart, including the column titles and row labels. These cells will be the source data for the chart.
  2. From the Insert tab, click the desired Chart command.
  3. Choose the desired chart type from the drop-down menu.
  4. The selected chart will be inserted in the worksheet.

Why won’t Excel let me paste a picture?

Workaround: Go to “Edit>Paste Special…” and select “Bitmap” instead of “Bitmap Image Object”, it will paste correctly at your currently selected cell.

How do I enable cut and insert in Excel 2010?

Enable Insert Button from Options

  1. Goto Excel File menu -> Options -> Advanced.
  2. Scroll to Cut,Copy, and Paste.
  3. Enable check box for Show Insert Options button.
  4. Scroll further down to “Display options for this Workbook”
  5. Check combobox ‘All’ under ‘For Objects, Show’

How do I enable Data tab in Excel 2010?

You can reach these options by selecting File > Options > Data. In earlier versions of Excel, the Data tab can be found by selecting File > Options > Advanced.

How do you fix chart data in Excel?

How to fix the chart data

  1. Activate your chart.
  2. On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, choose Copy (or press Ctrl+C).
  3. Click any cell to deselect the chart. Do one of the following: On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, choose Paste and then click Paste as a Picture:

Why can’t I edit a graph in Excel?

By default, each chart you create in Microsoft Excel is locked to prevent unauthorized modification. If you wish to modify the data on which the chart is based, you also need to unlock the data cells. You can then enable worksheet protection again, but retain editing rights to the chart and data.

How do I change the area in an Excel chart?

The easiest way to select the chart area is to click just below the top edge of the chart. The Chart Elements menu on the Format tab of the ribbon, and the Format Task pane title will confirm the chart area is selected. Once the chart area is selected, you can make a variety of formatting changes.

Why are the objects greyed out on my Excel chart?

Perhaps it is greyed out because you are in the chart and not on a worksheet cell. Also you caused this due to hitting some combination of keys by accident. Check the setting of Objects on the main options dialog. Use the menu File > Options and on the View tab make sure the setting of Objects is Show All.

Why are insert charts not working in Excel 2010?

After upgrading to Office 2013 Professional Plus, when users open documents created in Excel 2010 they cannot insert any charts, because the Insert Chart… and all its options is greyed out in the ribbon. When creating a new document Insert Chart works normally. The document is in .xlsx format and works normally in Excel 2010.

Where are the greyed out buttons in Excel?

Go to File and click on Options. On the left side click on “Advanced”. Scroll down to the “Display options for this workbook:”. The last bullet point says “For objects, show:”. Set the tick at “All”. Now the buttons shouldn’t be greyed out any longer.

How to insert an image or chart in Excel?

Buttons for inserting images or charts are greyed out in Excel? 1 Go to File and click on Options. 2 On the left side click on “Advanced”. 3 Scroll down to the “Display options for this workbook:”. The last bullet point says “For objects, show:”. Set the tick at “All”.