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Why are all the lights blinking on my brother printer?

Why are all the lights blinking on my brother printer?

All of the LEDs flash to indicate a Service Call Error, which is a malfunction of one of the hardware components of the machine. 1. Power the machine off by holding down the POWER button. Wait a few seconds and then power the machine back on.

Why is my Brother printer orange light flashing?

Error light flashes orange once (1), ready light is green = Toner Low. Error light flashes orange once (1), ready light is off = Toner Empty. Error light flashes orange twice (2), ready light is off = Paper Jam. Error light flashes orange three (3) times, ready light is green = Replace Drum Soon.

How do I reset my HL 2130 printer?

Brother HL-2130 – Factory Reset

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Hold the GO button while you turn the printer on. Hold the button until all the LEDs light up and the Ready LED light turns off.
  3. Release GO, all the LEDs will turn off.
  4. Press GO ten (10) times. The printer will automatically restart.

How do I reset my Brother HL l2321d printer?

Brother HL-L2365DW Toner Counter Reset – TN2345

  1. Open the front cover and leave open while completing the following steps.
  2. Turn the printer off.
  3. Hold the ‘go’ button while turning the printer on.
  4. After 3 seconds release the ‘go’ button.
  5. (USER MODE) will appear.
  6. Press the ‘go’ button NINE times.

How do I get rid of errors on my Brother Printer?

Make sure to unplug all the wires and check it whether the issue is in the power cords. Restart the Printer and Computer: Turn the Brother Printer, and Computer completely shut off for a couple of minutes and then restart both of them. A simple restart can fix the problem of Brother Printer error state.

How to fix brother hl5240 printer’s flashing lights?

Some how if its not come then Unplug the printer & Manually slide the carriage.Now Remove the ink cartridges from the print head & Use wet warm cotton swab or use alcohol to thoroughly clean the print head.Repeat this until there is no ink residue coming off on the cotton swab. After finished it make the head dry then fix it back.

What do the led indications mean on my Brother printer?

What do the LED indications mean? The technical term for the lights on the front of your Brother machine is Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s). This FAQ explains the meaning of those different LED indications. When all the LEDs are off, the power switch is off. When the Status LED is dimmed (Green), the printer is in Sleep mode.

Why are all the lights flashing on my printer?

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What should I do if my brother printer is not working?

If you cannot clear the error and see the same service call indication after turning the printer back on, it is an internal hardware issue, and you will need to call your dealer or a Brother authorized service representative. Please let me know if the issue is solved or not, so we can continue troubleshooting