Who wrote the song Drops of Jupiter?

Who wrote the song Drops of Jupiter?

Pat Monahan
Scott UnderwoodJimmy StaffordCharlie ColinRob Hotchkiss
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Who mixed Drops of Jupiter?

“Drops of Jupiter”, initially released as “Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)”, is a song written and recorded by American rock band Train….Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)

“Drops of Jupiter”
Songwriter(s) Train Patrick Monahan
Producer(s) Brendan O’Brien
Train singles chronology
“Ramble On” (2001) “Drops of Jupiter” (2001) “Something More” (2001)

Who sings the song Jupiter?

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When was Drops of Jupiter released?

March 26, 2021
Drops of Jupiter/Release date
At the time, his mother was terminally ill—and her eventual passing is what inspired “Drops of Jupiter,” released on their album of the same name 20 years ago on March 27, 2001.

Why was the song Drops of Jupiter so popular?

Drops of Jupiter is a song from 2001 that is very popular among people of all ages. Part of the reason for this song’s success is its ambiguous lyrics, which allow any listener to create their own meaning as they hear each line.

What’s the meaning of drops of Jupiter by train?

True meaning behind Drops of Jupiter by Train? This song is about a girl/woman who left a man (possibly a boyfriend) with whom she was very close to at one point. She left thinking that there was more out there for her.

Why did Patrick Monahan write the song Drops of Jupiter?

The music helps to carry the steady flow and transition between each line, adding emotion. Towards the end, violin is added in for even more feeling. The singer of Train, Patrick Monahan, wrote this song in memory of his late mother who died from cancer.

Who is the lead singer of drops of Jupiter?

And then came “Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me),” released 20 years ago this week on its way to Top 5, Grammy-winning, modern classic status. Lead singer Pat Monahan’s composition pristinely captured the gutting feeling of one left behind by an ex who’s off to find themselves.