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Who wrote another love song?

Who wrote another love song?

Tom Odell
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What genre is Anotherlove?

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What age is Tom Odell?

30 years (November 24, 1990)
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Why did Tom Odell write the song another love?

TOM ODELL: “Another Love” is a confusing one; it’s not a traditional love song. The song, for me, is about trying—really trying with all your heart—to be with someone else and you want to be with someone else. But it helps me sleep, writing songs. That’s why it’s important to write songs—otherwise, I can’t sleep.

Who sang another love?

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What episode of TVD is another love in?

Do You Remember the First Time?
The song was used in the episode “Do You Remember the First Time?” of season 6 of The CW series The Vampire Diaries.

Who supported Tom Odell?

Influences. Odell grew up listening to Elton John. One of the first albums he listened to was Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973). He also cites David Bowie, Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan, Arthur Russell, Leonard Cohen, Leon Russell, Billy Joel, Randy Newman, Tom Waits, Rodríguez and Bruce Springsteen as influences.

What is wrong with Tom Odell?

Tom Odell has revealed that he was rushed to hospital, fearing that he was having a stroke, after splitting from his girlfriend. The singer opened up about his anxiety after his split from his girlfriend, model Sydney Lima. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I was having a stroke.

What key is another love Tom Odell in?

Another Love is written in the key of Em. Open Key notation: 2m.

Who discovered Tom Odell?

Lily Allen
Odell is signed to In the Name Of, an imprint of Columbia Records. He was discovered by the label head Lily Allen, who remarked that “his energy onstage reminded me of David Bowie”. He released his debut extended play, Songs from Another Love, in October 2012.

When did the song Another Love came out?

15 October 2012
Another Love (Tom Odell song)

“Another Love”
Released 15 October 2012
Genre Folk pop indie pop
Length 4:04
Label Columbia In the Name Of