Who was the Prime Minister of India in 2014?

Who was the Prime Minister of India in 2014?

2014 Indian general election First party Second party Third party Leader Narendra Modi Rahul Gandhi J. Jayalalithaa Party BJP INC AIADMK Alliance NDA UPA Leader since 13 September 2013 N/A 1989

When was the final session of Parliament in India?

His son, Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy, then broke from the INC and founded the YSR Congress Party, taking several politicians with him. The final session of parliament started on 6 February and ended on 21 February.

Is there an opposition party in India 2019?

Due to this fact, India remains without an official opposition party, as of 2019. As per the requirements of the Indian Constitution, elections to the Lok Sabha must be held at an interval of five years or whenever parliament is dissolved by the president.

The ruling BJP, led by Narendra Modi, has championed social media since 2014 when the party successfully utilized such platforms to win the election. In fact, Modi’s 2014 election was met with an avalanche of think pieces and headlines like “Narendra Modi to be India’s First Social Media Prime Minister” in the Financial Times.

Which is the best website for politics in India?

You’re reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. Politics is one conversation that can make every head turn. You can miss sports, movie, the latest trends but you can’t turn your eyes away from diplomacy and country affairs.

How does Gaurav Pradhan get his predictions right?

For Pradhan, our mood is his reference point and that’s how he gets his predictions right. “There is something called ‘Mood Analytics’ and I pick up my data points from there. It is based on what people are talking across social media on all the platforms. This gives me a typical idea of the mood that people are going through.

How is social media contributing to communal violence in India?

At least 25 people have died since June because of viral content traced back to social media platforms. Since Modi’s election in 2015, platforms like WhatsApp and Twitter have played an increasing role in sparking communal violence, especially against Muslims and Dalits in northern India.

How did the AFC qualify for the 2014 World Cup?

The top two teams in each group qualify for the 2014 finals directly, with the two third-placed teams playing-off for a chance to qualify via an intercontinental qualifying tie. A random draw determined that the final tie would be against the fifth-placed team from CONMEBOL qualification. 43 of the 46 AFC national teams entered qualification.

How many seats did BJP win in India?

The counting exercise was held at 989 counting centres.[3] The Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) received 31% of the vote and won 282 seats, while its National Democratic Alliancewon a total of 336 seats.