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Who voiced Alphinaud?

Who voiced Alphinaud?

Colin Santisuk Ryan
Colin Santisuk Ryan (born 23 June 1986) is an English actor, best known for the BBC’s series Leonardo as a young Lorenzo de’ Medici, and as the voice of Alphinaud Leveilleur in Final Fantasy XIV from the Heavensward expansion onward.

Is Alphinaud older than Alisaie?

Alphinaud is the older sibling, and Alisaie is his younger sister. Elezen twins and members of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, they’re geniuses who attended the Studium at a young age.

Is Thancred in love with Minfilia?

Thancred is devoted to Minfilia and views her as a close friend, akin to a sister. The other Scions are fond of Thancred and view him as a close friend.

What race is Alisaie?

Alisaie’s are redder, being female and possibly wearing lipstick. The duo become more distinctive in Heavensward once Tataru provides them with new outfits.

How old is Alisaie and Alphinaud?

They are 16 years old, thus not fully grown. They will grow as they age. Due to the long lifespan of Elezen they grow more slowly compared to the other races.

How old is Thancred?

Thancred Waters

Thancred Waters
Gender Male
Age 32
Eye Color Brown (right), Silver (left)

Who was Alphinaud’s old voice actor in FFXIV?

I miss Alphinaud’s old voice actor. I am sure for most of you this is something you have gotten over ages ago, if you ever even cared. I dont know, maybe it is because he was such a major voice character but I miss the voice actor pre-Heavensward. To me he is Alphinaud. I miss old Thancred.

Why did they change all the voice actors?

So I just saw the new launch trailer for Heavensward and noticed they changed the voice actors for all the main characters. Why could they not keep the same voice actors I hate when they change voice actors like they do a lot in Anime.. Use japanese voices, problem solved.

Who was Alph’s voice actor in 3.0?

I must not have heard her in 3.0, somehow. I noticed Alph’s change immediately but Merl change doesn’t ring a bell.

Why did they change Merlwyb’s voice to Alph?

I noticed Alph’s change immediately but Merl change doesn’t ring a bell. Merlwyb’s original voice was incredible, best voice acting in gaming history, the reason why they changed the actress was weak and honestly shallow, she was the reason limsa was better than the other cities, now it just washed away, a sad day