Who plays Jenny Matrix?

Who plays Jenny Matrix?

Johanna BraddyVideo Game High School
Jenny Matrix/Played by

Is VGHS a real school?

Video Game High School is a prestigious and awarded academy for the best gamers in the nation. Sgt….Schools of VGHS.

VGHS Schools Classes & Activities
School of Tactics & Strategy Real Time Strategy
School of Immersion & Simulation Simulator Games

Does Netflix have VGHS 2020?

We are pleased to announce that the entirety of Video Game High School is now available for your consumption on Netflix!

What happens to Brian Doheny at VGHS?

As he his considering throwing away his keyboard and mouse, he is approached by The Law, who appears to bear no ill will towards Brian, gives him consoling advice. This however is short-lived, as Law abruptly cracks Brian’s keyboard in half and reveals his true intentions to torment Brian and make his life at VGHS a living hell.

How did Jenny get Brian back on the JV team?

Jenny is able to distract the Law for long enough, allowing Brian to defeat him, resulting in his return from expulsion to VGHS. Jenny grants Brian a permanent spot on the JV team, following which Brian shares his first kiss with Jenny.

How did Brian Doheny and Jenny get together?

As Jenny gives Brian a permanent spot on the JV FPS team, they agree to keep a platonic relationship, as to avoid complications. However, after Brian comforts Jenny when she reveals that she doesn’t have any special memories with her mother, the two fall asleep together.

Why did Jenny refuse to hang out with Brian?

Determined to make it onto Varsity, Jenny tells Brian that they can’t hang out anymore for fear that the Law will prevent her from joining the team if he picks up on this false story. At the sign-ups for try outs, Jenny witnesses Brian assaulting the Law, and assumes that this has ruined her chances of making it onto Varsity.