Who owns the House of Blues Chicago?

Who owns the House of Blues Chicago?

Live Nation Entertainment
House of Blues is an American chain of live music concert halls and restaurants….House of Blues.

Type Subsidiary
Parent Live Nation Entertainment
Website houseofblues.com

When did House of Blues Chicago open?

October 1, 1996
The House of Blues complex opened on October 1, 1996 to much hoopla. The Chicago HOB is owned by Dan Ackroyd of Blues Brothers and Saturday Night Live fame, and Jim Belushi of About Last Night and Canine (pshaw) fame.

Who started the House of Blues Chicago?

House of Blues is a chain of 13 live music concert halls and restaurants in major markets throughout the United States. House of Blues first location was in Cambridge’s Harvard Square. It was opened in 1992 by Isaac Tigrett, co-founder of Hard Rock Cafe, and Dan Aykroyd, star of The Blues Brothers.

Is there seating in House of Blues?

We occasionally host shows that have a seated or cabaret floorplan; event specifics will be listed on the House of Blues website, Ticketmaster.com, or you may call our Box Office at (714) 778-2583 for details.

Where is the first House of Blues?

Cambridge, MA
House of Blues/Place founded

When did the first House of Blues start?

Who is at House of Blues?

Better than Ezra, Outkast, Ziggy Marley, Gavin DeGraw, Willie Nelson, Dr. John and Frank Black are just some of those featured on the House of Blues New Orleans schedule in the past.

Where is the House of Blues in Chicago?

House of Blues, located on 329 North Dearborn Street, just north of Wacker Drive in the heart of downtown Chicago is a great place to catch any show.

What are the best Chicago blues songs?

A lot of great songs have come out of the city’s long-vibrant blues scene; these are ten of the best Chicago blues songs. Big Bill Broonzy – “Key To The Highway” (1941) Big Bill Broonzy’s Trouble In Mind. Photo courtesy Smithsonian Folkways

What is Chicago blues music?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Chicago blues is a form of blues music that developed in Chicago, Illinois by adding electrically amplified guitar, drums, piano, bass guitar and sometimes saxophone to Delta blues .