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Who owns STAT MedEvac?

Who owns STAT MedEvac?

STAT Medevac developed emsCharts, prehospital data collection and management software products for air medical and ground Emergency Medical Services. The intellectual property rights to emsCharts were sold to two former managers in 2006 and it now exists as a completely separate entity owned by ZOLL.

Does UPMC own STAT MedEvac?

STAT MedEvac carries state-of-the-art technology to provide critical care during transport. STAT MedEvac is operated by the Center for Emergency Medicine (CEM) of western Pennsylvania, part of UPMC, and has helicopters stationed throughout the region, including Altoona and York.

How many helicopters does STAT MedEvac have?

18 helicopters
STAT MedEvac, a service of the Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania, Inc., has 18 helicopters to serve you!

What does a MedEvac helicopter cost?

For those who choose to hire a helicopter for medical transport or to get airlifted to a hospital, the costs can come as an unwelcome surprise. The national average for an emergency helicopter ride is about $40,000 and rose 60 percent between 2012 and 2016.

How much does a medevac pilot make?

Air Ambulance Pilot Salary

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $80,000 $38
75th Percentile $78,000 $38
Average $55,514 $27
25th Percentile $33,500 $16

What is the difference between Casevac and medevac?

Casevac means evacuation of the injured to the nearest medical care point without accompanying the medical staff whereas medevac involves an expert team of professionals on standby during the transportation of the patient.

How much does a MedEvac pilot make?

How much is it to get airlifted to a hospital?

From 1 July 2021, NSW residents requiring road, fixed wing aircraft or helicopter or a combination of these – from the scene of an accident, illness or injury to a public hospital or other destination nominated by NSW Ambulance – will be charged a call-out fee of $407, plus an additional charge of $3.67 per kilometer …

How much do EMS pilots get paid?

The salaries of Ems Helicopter Pilots in the US range from $18,985 to $515,665 , with a median salary of $92,687 . The middle 57% of Ems Helicopter Pilots makes between $92,687 and $233,642, with the top 86% making $515,665.

Is it a war crime to shoot down a MEDEVAC?

MEDEVAC aircraft and ground transport are mandated by the Geneva Convention to be unarmed and well marked. Firing on “clearly marked and identified” MEDEVAC vehicles would be considered a war crime under Article II of the Geneva Convention, in the same sense as firing on a hospital ship would be a war crime.

Who is STAT Medevac and what do they do?

STAT MedEvac is a service of the Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The primary function of STAT MedEvac is to provide air medical transport and as of July 2017 2 ground ambulances for patients with an injury or critical illness.

Where is STAT Medevac Hospital in Pittsburgh PA?

STAT MedEvac is directed by a consortium of hospitals of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) that include UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, UPMC Altoona, UPMC Hamot, UPMC Mercy and UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside. STAT MedEvac’s base of operations is in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, at the Allegheny County Airport.

Where are the STAT MedEvac bases in Ohio?

Opened STAT MedEvac 11 in Altoona, Pennsylvania, at the Altoona Hospital. Opened another base in Ohio (Lorain), in partnership with University Hospital. University STAT 8 crashes on takeoff from University Hospital, killing the pilot and flight nurse. The flight medic survives. Opened three more helicopter bases: York, PA. Youngstown, OH.

Where is medevac in Westmoreland County PA?

Medevac-2 – Westmoreland Co. Medevac-3 – Cranberry Township, Butler Co. Medevac-5 – Fayette Co. MedEvac 5 – Joseph A. Hardy Connelsville Airport (265) University of PA Health System, PennSTAR Flight 155.3850 100.0 PL – Ch 1 (Dispatch/Ops)