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Who owns Pina Records?

Who owns Pina Records?

Sony Music Latin
Interscope Records
Pina Records/Parent organizations

Where is Pina Records located?

Puerto Rico

Pina Records
Distributor(s) Sony Music Latin
Genre Reggaeton, trap
Location Caguas, Puerto Rico
Official website

How much is Pina Records worth?

Raphy Pina Net Worth: How Rich is Raphy Pina Actually in 2021?

Full Name Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves
Birth Place San Juan, Puert Rico
Profession Record Executive
Girlfriend Natti Natasha
Net Worth $5 million to $8 million

How old is Pina record?

About 25 years (1996)
Pina Records/Age

What nationality is Raphy Pina?

Puerto Rican
Raphy Pina/Nationality

Who signed the bad bunny?

Universal Music Latin Entertainment
Bad Bunny/Record labels

How old is Natti?

34 years (10 December 1986)
Natti Natasha/Age

How tall is Pina record?

Raphy Pina Bio, Height, Weight, Profile, Net Worth

Real name Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves
Height 5’9 inches
Weight N/A
Ethnicity Latino
Zodiac sign Cancer

Is Raphy Pina dating Natti?

The couple became Instagram-official after revealing their love in the music video “Inédito.” Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina are engaged! The couple announced the happy news on Instagram, making their debut together on social media.

Who is Natti Natasha’s husband?

Raphy Pina
Personal life. In 2021, she became engaged to her longtime manager, Raphy Pina, founder of Pina Records.