Who is the owner of SM Entertainment?

Who is the owner of SM Entertainment?

Lee Soo-man
SM Entertainment

Logo used since November 2017
Native name 에스.엠. 엔터테인먼트 SM 엔터테인먼트
Revenue US$ 555.01 million (2019)
Net income US$ 44 million (2018)
Owner Shareholder Structure Lee Soo-man – 18.73% Korea Investment Management – 4.45% National Pension Service – 3.68% Alibaba – 3.71% Others – 69.43%

Who is ginjo Kpop?

GINJO is a South Korean DJ and producer. He is a member of the band TraxX. In March 2018, SM Entertainment announced GINJO to be a new member of TraxX (formerly TRAX). In the same month, he released his first digital single “You” under the SM STATION project.

Is BTS entertainment SM?

SM Entertainment negotiated a deal with China’s Tencent Holdings Ltd. under the table in late 2020, and early this year HYBE Co., the label behind the boyband sensation BTS, approached SM, which rejected a deal, according to industry officials.

What happened to the grace Kpop?

In 2011, Dana and Sunday formed The Grace – Dana & Sunday, the first sub-unit of the group. Since then, the group has been on an indefinite hiatus, with its members focusing exclusively on their solo activities. There are no plans for further promotions with SM. The group has been on an indefinite hiatus since 2010.

Who is the current CEO of SM?

Lee Sung-soo (Mar 10, 2020–)
Han Se Min (Mar 31, 2017–)Nam So Young (Mar 31, 2017–)
SM Entertainment/CEO

Which Kpop company is the best?

SM Entertainment has traditionally taken the lead in size, number of artists, and revenue. SM is also regarded as having led the proliferation of the K-pop phenomenon around the world with prominent K-pop artists such as Girls’ Generation, Exo, and Red Velvet.

Did TraxX disband?

On March 26, 2018, TRAX changed their name to TraxX with DJ and producer Ginjo joining the group and changing their music genre from rock to electronic dance music. TraxX unofficially disbanded after 2 members left SM in April 2019.

Can SuperM beat BTS?

SuperM Hits No. 1 on Billboard 200, Beats BTS Record – PAPER.

Is SM still part of the Big 3?

Once belonging to the “big three” companies, SM and YG Entertainment are now demoted by Korea Exchange. These two had the most successful stars working under them. However, the pandemic hit us all, and so did the entertainment labels. The news has shocked many.

Which Kpop group was grazy grace in?

– Her nickname is Grazy Grace. – She got a major in art. – She got into kpop by TVXQ. – She likes Jay Park.

Who are the members of the band TraxX?

TraxX (트랙스) is a South-Korean rock band under SM Entertainment. The band consisted in the last part of their career of members Jay & Jungmo. They debuted as 4 in 2004 with the single “Paradox”. The band disbanded after both members left SM Entertainment in 2019.

When did SM change their name to TraxX?

On March 26, 2018, SM announced that the group would be changing their name to TraxX and would become an EDM group with DJ and producer Ginjo joining as a new member. On April 30, 2019, SM announced their departure from the agency following the contract expirations for members Jay and Jungmo.

Who are the members of the group Trei?

The members consist of: Jaejun, Changhyun, and Juntae. They started as a duo on August 28th, 2017 and added another member on May 17th, 2018. They debuted on February 19th, 2019. – He is a former member of the group C-CLOWN under the name ‘Maru’. – His nickname is JJ. – He is a very dedicated individual.

When did No Min woo leave the TRAX?

No Min Woo is a South Korean actor. He debuted in 2004 with the stage name Rose as the drummer for the band The TRAX under S.M. entertainment until he left the group in 2006. After leaving the band, No Min Woo pursued a career in acting and has returned to the music scene, as the leader of 24/7 only to promote the story of wine.