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Who is the mother of Xicor?

Who is the mother of Xicor?

West Kaioshin
History. Xicor and his mother, West Kaioshin, arrive on Earth in two space pods. Immediately after landing, Xicor comes into contact with Goten and fires a ki blast at him.

Does Goku really have a 3rd son?

Xicor (aka Zaiko) is Goku’s third son from Dragon Ball AF. Xicor is someone of interesting because according to his story, his father is Goku while his mother isn’t not Chichi but instead a Kai who’s apparently the mother of Freiza. The old tyrannical emperor of the universe.

Is beat a descendant of Goku?

In Dragon Ball Heroes and Victory Mission, Beat is classified as a Human-type Earthling outside of the DBH. However in World Mission it is eventually revealed that Beat is a Earthling/Saiyan hybrid descendant of the Saiyan Goku.

Who is Xicor and what does he look like?

Xicor mostly looks like Goku, accept he has white hair. He wears Goku’s uniform, but it is light green from the outside and dark green from the inside. He also has resistors on his hands and some on his chin, which resist him from turning into blood.

How does Vegeta stop Xicor from releasing Xicor?

Just than Vegeta stands before Western Supreme Kai to stop her from releasing Xicor. However the higher class Kai proves too much for the weakened Vegeta and is defeated. But while the Western Supreme Kai is distracted by Vegeta Kibitoshin grabs her from behind with a full nelson.

Why is Xicor the perfect son of the Mighty Saiyan?

The impure, evil son of the mighty Saiyan also brags about being the perfect being he claims and declares that he will be the heir of Goku over the universe. The truth in reality is that Xicor seems to be misguided, due to being told that Goku was often boasting of his powers and that he ruled over the whole universe.

What kind of character is Xicor Ultra Dragon Ball?

Xicor is often seen being arrogant and views all life forms with low power levels as pathetic. He is nothing of his brothers or his father’s personality, nor does he even care a slightest bit about them (Seen when he did not hesitate at all when he blasted Goten to the Earth or when he was engaged in combat with Gohan.