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Who is the actor in House of Horrors?

Who is the actor in House of Horrors?

House of Horrors is a 1946 American film noir horror film released by Universal Pictures, starring Rondo Hatton as a madman named “The Creeper”.

Where was the movie house of Horrors filmed?

Filming ended on September 25, 1945. House of Horrors was shown in New York on February 22, 1946. It received wider release by Universal Pictures on March 29, 1946. A series of Creeper films was planned, and the second one, The Brute Man, was filmed in 1946. Hatton died of complications from acromegaly before either film was released.

Who was the mad scientist in House of Horrors?

A demented physician becomes obsessed with a young singer whose voice sounds similar to his late mistress. A facially deformed and mentally unhinged man wreaks his revenge on those who deformed him with a series of brutal murders. A mad scientist turns a man into an electrically-controlled monster to do his bidding.

Who was the original Monster in House of Horrors?

Rondo Hatton is the original Monster Without Make-up. He suffered from acromegaly, the disease caused disfigurement to face, spine, hands and feet. Doctors believed what set off this glandular disease in Rondo was exposure to poison gas in World War I. Rondo Hatton is the original Monster Without Make-up.

Who was Larry Brooks in House of Horrors?

Initial shooting for House of Horrors began on September 11. Initially Kent Taylor was selected to play the part of Police Lt. Larry Brooks, but on the fourth day of production, before he was shot in any scenes, he was replaced by Bill Goodwin.

When does House of Horrors come out on DVD?

House of Horrors was released on DVD by the Willette Acquisition Corp. on Sep 27, 2013. It was released on blu-ray by Shout! Factory on March 17, 2020 as the fourth volume in their “Universal Horror Collection”. The set also included Night Key, Night Monster and The Climax.