Who is real Barkat in Beintehaa?

Who is real Barkat in Beintehaa?

Colors’ Beintehaa is going to take its viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride. As we have recently seen Aaliya (Preetika Rao) manages to save her father in law, Usman (Naved Aslam) from Barkat (Dimple Jhangiani), who was trying to murder him.

Who is wife of Harshad Arora?

Harshad Arora (Actor) Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography & More

Marital Status Unmarried
Affairs/Girlfriends • Gunjan Vijaya (actress, rumoured) • Aparna Kumar (actress, rumoured) • Tridha Choudhary (actress, rumoured)
Wife/Spouse N/A

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Who are the main characters in the movie Beintehaa?

Zain Abdullah (Harshad Arora), a charming boy brat, and Aaliya Haider (Preetika Rao), a cultured and pretty girl, have been rival cousins since childhood. Eventually, when they grow up and meet each other after several years, a series of misunderstandings leads to them being forced to marry.

Who is the lookalike of Zain in Beintehaa?

Zain and Aaliya’s happiness is shortlived when Rocky, Zain’s lookalike arrives and is brought in the house as Zain by Suraiyya’s evil sister, Zareena. He pretends to be Zain unbeknownst to the family. But later the truth comes out and the real Zain appears as he was kidnapped and he and Aliya are reunited.

Which is the last season of Beintehaa TV show?

The show launched on 30 December 2013 and ended on 21 November 2014. It aired on Colors TV and starred Preetika Rao and Harshad Arora. The show returned on Fan Demand,With the same episodes but a different name.The show was renamed Salaam-E-Ishq Daastaan Mohabbat Ki and came on Rishtey.

Who are the wives of Fahad in Beintehaa?

Fahad’s wives Nafisa and Shazia hate each other. It is revealed that Fahad married Shazia as Suraiya wanted a male heir but Nafisa didn’t gave birth to a boy. Zain and Aaliya become friends when they help Fahad who has landed in trouble with some goons. Aayat gets into trouble and Zain helps her out without informing his family.