Who is Elena Ferrante and what is her name?

Who is Elena Ferrante and what is her name?

Elena Ferrante is a woman without a face, whose identity is known only to her Italian publisher, E/O. Her name is a pseudonym, its sound a discreet homage to the great Italian novelist Elsa Morante, author of “Arturo’s Island” — whose work, Ferrante says here, she has always appreciated.

Who is Marco Santagata and who is Elena Ferrante?

In March 2016, Marco Santagata, an Italian novelist and philologist, a scholar of Petrarch and Dante, and a professor at the University of Pisa, published a paper detailing his theory of Ferrante’s identity.

What is the story of Neapolitan by Elena Ferrante?

The Neapolitan Novels tell the life story of two perceptive and intelligent girls born in Naples in 1944, who try to create lives for themselves within a violent and stultifying culture.

When did Elena Ferrante publish La Frantumaglia?

In 2003, Ferrante published La Frantumaglia, a volume of letters, essays, reflections and interviews, translated into English in 2016, which sheds some light on her background. In a 2013 article for The New Yorker, critic James Wood summarized what is generally accepted about Ferrante, based in part on letters collected in that volume:

Where does the cult of Elena Ferrante take place?

Originally conceived as one book, until Ferrante realised the story was too expansive for a single volume, the Neapolitan novels follow two friends, Elena and Lila, from their childhood in an underprivileged neighbourhood in Naples and throughout six decades.

Who is the author of Ponti by Elena Ferrante?

“Reading Ferrante is a completely immersive intellectual and emotional experience,” says Sharlene Teo, whose debut novel Ponti drew comparisons with Ferrante when it came out in 2018. “I’m a massive fan and I’d never try and imitate her, but I look up to her work massively.