Who is Dionysus daughter?

Who is Dionysus daughter?

Consort Ariadne
Children Priapus, Hymen, Thoas, Staphylus, Oenopion, Comus, Phthonus, the Graces, Deianira
Greek equivalent Iacchus, Zagreus

Who is Persephone’s daughter?

Spouse Hades
Children Melinoë, Plutus (Orphic), Zagreus/Dionysus (Orphic)
Roman equivalent Proserpina

Did Poseidon ever have a daughter?

Eirene (daughter of Poseidon)

Does Hephaestus have a daughter?

As a smithing god, Hephaestus made all the weapons of the gods in Olympus….

Consort Aphrodite, Aglaea
Children Thalia, Erichthonius, Eucleia, Eupheme, Philophrosyne, Cabeiri and Euthenia
Roman equivalent Vulcan

Did Aphrodite and Dionysus have a child?

HYMENAIOS (Hymenaeus) The god of weddings and the wedding hymn was sometimes called a son of Dionysos and Aphrodite. However he is usually described as Apollon’s son by a Mousa. PRIAPOS (Priapus) The god of garden fertility. He was the son of Dionysos and Aphrodite or a Naiad Nymph.

Who are the daughters of Hades?

Macaria fille d’Héraclès

Who is Athena’s wife?

Her Roman name is Minerva. She was a child of Zeus and Metis (Titaness), Zeus’ first wife. After Zeus swallowed his wife, who was heavily pregnant with Athena at the time, Athena was born by springing out of Zeus’ head, fully grown and wearing full battle armor….

Spouse None (Virgin)
Children None