Who is architecture for humanity and what do they do?

Who is architecture for humanity and what do they do?

Architecture for Humanity is a nonprofit design services firm founded in 1999. We are building a more sustainable future through the power of professional design.

When did architecture for Humanity close its doors?

Founded in 1999, it laid off its staff and closed down at the beginning of January 2015. Since then, the 59 US-based architecture for humanity chapters (which were already operating more or less in a self-sufficient manner even before Architecture for Humanity closed down) formed the Open Architecture Collaborative and vowed to continue.

Who was the last executive director of Architecture for Humanity?

“Ultimately the story of AFH is of an organization that grew too fast,” said Eric Cesal, its last executive director, who started as a volunteer in 2006 and became the manager of its Haiti program in 2010. “Our programs and ambitions for doing good grew faster than our fundraising.”

How many chapters are there in architecture for Humanity?

Architecture for Humanity had more than 60 chapters spanning many countries at its peak assisting many independent charities. The chapters worked primarily in their own regions. In August 2008, members of Architecture for Humanity New York were declared New Yorkers of the Week by cable news network NY1 for the chapter’s first project.

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When did architecture for Humanity close its head office?

As reported by SFGate, on January 1st Architecture for Humanity laid off all staff and closed its Head Office in San Francisco.

Which is the best company for humanitarian architecture?

Catapult is a design firm that works with socially-driven organizations to create products and services that give low income communities the tools needed to improve their quality of life.

When did Cameron Sinclair start architecture for Humanity?

Cameron Sinclair and Kate Stohr launched Architecture for Humanity (AFH) in April of 1999, when they were moved to take action to create temporary housing for refugees in war-torn Kosovo.

What does it mean to be a humanitarian architect?

What is Humanitarian Architecture? “Humanitarian” means having a concern for the welfare and happiness of individuals and communities. When combined with architecture, it means striving for this through built designs that offer safety, shelter and a sustainable solution to housing.

When did architecture for humanity win an award?

In 2005 Architecture for Humanity received the Index Award – Design to Improve Life (community category), in 2006 it was awarded the Rave Award for Architecture by Wired Magazine and the Innovation of the Year as part of the Observer Newspapers’ Ethical Awards, and in 2007 it won the Center for Architecture Foundation Award.

When did the architecture for Humanity network start?

In 2007, Architecture for Humanity launched Open Architecture Network, allowing architects, designers, innovators and community leaders to share innovative and sustainable ideas, designs and plans.