Who did Vince Gill write Go Rest High on the mountain for?

Who did Vince Gill write Go Rest High on the mountain for?

Keith Whitley
Gill began writing the song after the death of Keith Whitley from alcohol poisoning in 1989, writing a first verse that acknowledged how difficult his life had been and name-checking one of his biggest hits.

When did Vince Gill Release Go Rest High On That Mountain?

Go Rest High on That Mountain/Released

Are Vince Gill and Patty Loveless siblings?

They first began working together on Loveless’ first album, Patty Loveless, released in 1986. “I’d always been a big Vince Gill fan,” Loveless said. “I’d buy a lot of his tapes, and just loved his singing, I thought he had a golden voice. Now Vince and I are almost like brother and sister, like family.”

Who wrote high on the mountain?

Vince Gill
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Who is Patty Loveless sister?

Dottie Ramey
Loveless graduated from Fairdale High School in 1975. Her older sister, Dottie Ramey, an aspiring country singer, frequently performed at small clubs in eastern Kentucky with her brother Roger, billed as the Swinging Rameys.

Is Patty Loveless retired?

Loveless is now semi-retired, but she often appears to perform at special events or sing alongside friends like Vince Gill, Miranda Lambert and more. Her voice can smooth rough edges or add them, and her storytelling was always among country’s best.

Who sings backup on Vince Gill When I Call Your Name?

Patty Loveless
It was written by Gill and Tim DuBois. Patty Loveless performed backing vocals on the song.

How old is Patty Loveless now?

64 years (January 4, 1957)
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How old is Patty Loveless today?

Patty Loveless/Age

Patty Loveless is 64 years old today. Since her emergence on the country music scene in late 1986 with her first (self-titled) album, Loveless has been one of the most popular female singers of the neotraditional country movement, although she has also recorded albums in the country pop and bluegrass genres.

What are the lyrics to go rest high on that mountain?

Go Rest High On That Mountain Lyrics. [Verse 1] I know your life on earth was troubled. And only you could know the pain. You weren’t afraid to face the devil. You were no stranger to the rain. [Chorus] So go rest high on that mountain.

Who sings the song Go high on the mountain?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. ” Go Rest High on That Mountain ” is a song written and recorded by American country music artist Vince Gill.

What is the meaning of Go Rest High on that mountain?

The song “Go Rest High on That Mountain” when played in a funeral service will truly encourage the family and friends of the departed. Vince Gill ’s rendition of the song gives much depth to the meaning of the words of the song. The lyrics extoll the courage that the dearly departed has exemplified when he or she was still alive.