Who did Undertaker vs in his last match?

Who did Undertaker vs in his last match?

The Undertaker vs. The last match that ‘The Deadman’ appeared in was against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36. They wrestled in a cinematic match called the Boneyard Match. Since this was during COVID-19, audiences across the globe tuned in to be a part of the experience.

When was The Undertaker last champion?

#4 The Undertaker’s last title reign Back in 2009, a few months after having probably the best WrestleMania match in his career against Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker attacked CM Punk – who was the then World Heavyweight Champion – at SummerSlam.

Who won wrestlemania 24?

The Undertaker
In the final match of the event, The Undertaker defeated SmackDown’s World Heavyweight Champion Edge to win the title. From the six scheduled bouts on the undercard, three received more promotion than the others.

Which is the best Undertaker match of all time?

15 Best The Undertaker Matches of All Time | Cultured Vultures. 1 1. WWF In Your House: Badd Blood (1997) 2 2. WWF WrestleMania XIV (1998) 3 3. WWF King of the Ring (1998) 4 4. WWE Vengeance (2002) 5 5. WWE No Mercy (2002)

When did The Undertaker retire from the WWE?

On Sunday 22nd November, 2020, WWE celebrated not just the 34th edition of Survivor Series, but the official retirement of The Undertaker. The show ended with ‘The Dead Man’ saying goodbye on the 30th anniversary of his debut.

What was the match between the Undertaker and Kurt Angle?

To the surprise of many, The Undertaker proved himself Angle’s equal. A psychological masterpiece, Angle’s game plan focused on The Undertaker’s leg, while The Undertaker attacked Angle’s arm in the early sections of the match, preparing for his Triangle Choke.

What kind of match did Undertaker have with Hulk Hogan?

The match itself is a classic hoss battle, full of strikes and hard hits, with Kane shockingly kicking out of not one, but two Tombstone Piledrivers. At the time, it was one of the most protected finishers in the world (even Hulk Hogan hadn’t kicked out of it) and elevated the match that bit higher.