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Who chooses the Ohio state Treasurer?

Who chooses the Ohio state Treasurer?

Ohio voters elect the treasurer for a four-year term in midterm election years, along with the governor and lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and state auditor.

Who chooses the state Treasurer?

Current state treasurers or equivalents In most states, the position is a statewide elected office, usually a constitutional office (that is, provided for in the state constitution). In some states the position is appointed by the governor as a member of the governor’s cabinet.

Was Sprague elected or appointed?

On November 6, 2018, Sprague was elected as Ohio’s 49th Treasurer of State, defeating opponent Rob Richardson (D), 53% to 47%. He took office on January 11, 2019.

Who is Josh Mandel married to?

Ilana Shafranm. 2008–2020
Josh Mandel/Spouse

Who is the treasurer of state?

Dominic Perrottet
The Treasurer is assisted in his portfolio by the Deputy Premier, Minister for Regional New South Wales, Industry and Trade, currently The Hon….

Treasurer of New South Wales
Incumbent Dominic Perrottet since 30 January 2017
New South Wales Treasury
Style The Honourable
Member of Parliament Cabinet Executive Council

How do I find public employee salaries in Ohio?

All of the most current employee salary information is now located at the following URL: . This new site includes search tools and payroll information by agency, year, pay period, and type of pay, starting with calendar year 2012.

How do you address a state treasurer?

Title your letter. If the letter is being sent directly to the treasurer (or similar position), the Wright State University Editorial Style Guide suggests using the word “Honorable” (abbreviated “Hon.”). This title is used for state elected officials as a form of courtesy.

What are the duties of a state treasurer?

In the United States, the treasurer of a state is the official charged with overseeing revenue and finances and generally acting as the state’s chief banker. Every state in the United States has a treasurer, though some have a different official title for the office.

Is Josh Mandel Republican or Democrat?

Republican Party
Josh Mandel/Parties

Who is head of Ohio Republican Party?

Ohio Republican Party
Chairperson Bob Paduchik
Governor Mike DeWine
Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted
Senate President Matt Huffman

How do you address a state Treasurer?