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Who are the characters in the TV series Uttaran?

Who are the characters in the TV series Uttaran?

The series was also dubbed into English as True Love on Glow Tv . Uttaran follows two friends from different socio-economic backgrounds – Ichha Bharti ( Sparsh Khanchandani / Tina Datta ), a maid-servant’s daughter, and Tapasya Thakur ( Ishita Panchal / Rashami Desai ), the child of a wealthy landlord.

How are Meethi and Yuvraj brought up in Uttaran?

Meethi and Yuvraj were brought up by Gunvanti and Damini individually, as Gunvanti brainwashed Yuvraj against Ichha. Sumitra reveals to Meethi that Ichha is alive, but lies that she ruined Tapasya’s life since childhood. Initially, Meethi is in denial.

Who is the aunt of Divya in Uttaran?

Divya’s aunt Sumitra Devi (Nani), being resentful of Damini and Ichcha, poisons Tapasya’s mind against her friend. Sumitra spreads rumors about Ichcha and Damini to Tapasya and she begins to hate her from that moment. This FAQ is empty. Add the first question. On IMDb TV, you can catch Hollywood hits and popular TV series at no cost.

How did Mukta get saved from Akash in Uttaran?

Just as Mukta was about to meet the real Vishnu, Akash orders his goons to kidnap and kill Mukta, as she was getting close to exposing him. Fortunately, she is saved by Raghuvendra. At Akash and Meethi’s wedding, Mukta tries to expose his identity, but unfortunately, Ichcha, Veer, Jogi, Divya and Tapasya (except for Sumitra) refused to believe her.

Who is Tapasya and Ichcha in Uttaran?

Uttaran is a story of two friends hailing from drastically different backgrounds. Tapasya is the spoilt daughter of a wealthy man, while Ichcha, her best friend is the maid’s daughter. While society cannot separate the two, love, does just that.

Who is Akash Chatterjee in the movie Uttaran?

He is revealed to be Avinash’s son, Akash Chatterjee, who has married her to take revenge.

Who is Tapasya’s father in the movie Uttaran?

Tapasya becomes jealous and horrible to Ichha when her parents start loving Ichha as their own daughter. It is revealed that Tapasya’s father, Jogi Thakur ( Ayub Khan ), is unintentionally responsible for the death of Ragendra Bharti, Iccha’s father, which is the reason he takes care of Ichha as his own child.

Where can I watch Uttaran in South Africa?

In Romania it began airing on National TV under the title “Dragoste si Ura”, meaning in English “Love and Hate”. It started on 11 september 2015 and is currently on air. In South Africa, it began airing on Glow TV (DSTV 167, OVHD 108 and StarSat 570) under the title “True Love” it will began in September 2017.

Why did Raghuvendra Rathore leave tapasya in Uttaran?

Tapasya meets businessman Raghuvendra Rathore who falls for her. She betrays him in game of poker and he leaves her due to her disloyalty. She is pregnant with Raghuvendra’s baby and returns to Bundelas. She delivers a daughter Mukta whom she unintentionally abandons.