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Who are the celebrities who support the Labour Party?

Who are the celebrities who support the Labour Party?

As well as speaking at the launch of Labour’s Arts for All policy , M.I.A. has been vocal on social media about her support for Corbyn and the Labour Party. Sharing an archive video of the leader discussing the arrival of Tamil people in England on Instagram today, the singer said: “I came to London May 1985.

Who is the rapper who is supporting Labour?

British rapper MIA, aka Mathangi Arulpragasam, is backing Labour. Photograph: Cabalar/EPA Labour will tonight unveil its celebrity firepower at the east London launch of a charter for the arts.

Who are the celebrities who are supporting Corbyn?

Westwood previously signed an open letter voicing her support for Corbyn, defending him against accusations of anti-semitism. Being unable to vote in the UK’s general election won’t stop Frank Ocean from urging his supporters to. Today, the musician reposted an Instagram Story from rapper Sage Elsesser (AKA Navy Blue), which said: “Vote Labour!

Are there any celebrities who support the Tories?

Celebrities from across the UK and beyond have thrown their weight behind the major parties, with musicians, actors and comedians all making their allegiances known. Labour has enjoyed some big-name support, while the Tories have had to rely on a decidedly B-list roster offering their backing.

Who are the celebrities who are supporting Jeremy May?

Other Labour voters include Eddie Izzard, who has been busy on the campaign trail, music duo Sleaford Mods, Shameless actor Maxine Peake, broadcaster Danny Baker, and Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. Lord Sugar, a former Labour supporter, has warned the electorate not to vote for Ms May.

Who is the comedian for the Labour Party?

Comedian Rob Delaney has said he is an enthusiastic supporter of the Labour Party. Labour posted a video posted to social media in which the actor explained why he was backing the party – and the clip was widely-shared with many saying it was a ‘must-watch’.